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Off-Season Funblog 1

As little as there is to write about Mariners baseball lately, I’ve been having blogging withdrawals along with my obvious baseball itch.

Let me start with what I do have of Mariners updates:

1. Mariners offered arbitration to Adrian Beltre (3B). I’m not surprised and I’m sure most Mariners fans expected this. However, the chances of Beltre returning are slim; apparently the Phillies and Red Sox are interested in offering Beltre a multi-year contract. You know what? I think I’m going to be ok with it.  

2. Mariners did not offer arbitration to Erik Bedard (SP). Am I surprised? Not really. His injuries every other game was just tiring. I don’t blame the Mariners at all for not inviting him back.

On top of the fact that the Mariners really haven’t had much going on these days, I miss writing…so I decided to start an Off-Season Funblog! I plan on writing about random things that you just might enjoy reading about :]

Today I would like to introduce you to my fairly new friend I live with.


This is Kenji. Yes, he’s a parakeet. He’s roughly 12 weeks old and he’s been with me for about 2 weeks.

Some of you may be wondering…did I name him after the now-departed catcher Kenji Johjima?

Yes I did

Call me crazy, it’s ok, it wouldn’t be the first time.

IMG00243.jpgHe still can’t fly but I see him practicing all the time; it’s pretty comical.

As some of you may know, all I’ve been doing is driving up and down Interstate 5 from Seattle to Portland and vice versa for work. Although Kenji has his huge bird-condo that he lives in, he travels with me in his miniature cage. It’s been pretty fun having him around so far! :]

13033_621895768990_25900207_36843165_3475945_n.jpgOther than work, spending time with family and friends, I have yet to find a remedy for my stinkin’ baseball itch. As depressing as this sounds, I suppose I’m finally getting used to the fact that baseball isn’t happening. It’s quite the tragedy but at least I know I’m not the only person that’s going through this!

Well, hope everyone enjoyed my first Funblog and is finding better things to do with their time than sulking over this cold, cold, very, very long winter without baseball. Sob!




Wait, what?

Where to start?

How about this:

Friday: 9-0 Indians

Saturday: 10-3 Indians

Sunday: 12-3 Indians.

Not only was I out of town this past weekend, enjoying whatever was left of the adrenaline I had from the Tigers vs Mariners game, but I was kind of in denial of what was happening to the Mariners. Of course I checked mlb.com on my crackberry but not often to say the least.

What the heck happened? Where did all that drive from winning the Tigers series go? Do you guys constantly need me to be your good luck charm?

I guess we are absolutely pathetic, considering we lost to the Indians who are 41-58 with a .414 PCT and 12 games behind in the AL Central. Apparently the Mariners want to be just like them because that’s the direction we’re headed.

Pretty fast too.  

I would name the pitchers that lost those games, but lucky for them, there are too many so I won’t even bother. Sure, the Indians didn’t face our aces but that’s absolutely no excuse for that sort of poor performance.  

Actually let me say something about one of them. Erik Bedard. Going on the DL, AGAIN? Not only has he hurt the Mariners more than helped, after he came from the Orioles, his two digit win seasons has long disappeared and he remains mediocre. Sure, he’ll be gone for 15 days (which is never truly 15 days), he’ll come back and pitch one great game, then pitch a horrendous one the next, and guess what? Right back on the DL. Why they would keep him is beyond me but hey, afterall I’m just a hardcore fan.

What I can barely smirk about in this depressing time is that I was glad Abreu and Wedge got ejected from the game. Jakubauskas beaned Francisco yes, but watching Jakubauskas pitch, anyone could tell he wasn’t doing it on purpose. Let me be the first one to say Jakubauskas (good god his name is long!) was horrible! His balls were going everywhere and had absolutely no control! He gave up 6 runs for godssake, did Abreu really think it was appropriate to hit Hannahan? Couldn’t he just find solace in knowing they swept the Mariners and achieved their goal of getting back at us from a couple weeks ago?



Trade Talk:


There’s been talk about these two as the trading deadline creeps up on us. They’re both free agents after this season and they’re definitely going to be asking for (and deserving of) a better contract. Both of them are having great seasons, Washburn with an ERA of 2.71, one of the more stable pitchers we have, and Branyan is having the best season in his career.

I think we need to keep both of them.

Yes, Washburn is a little unstable at times, but look at our other pitchers! (Except for our mighty King Felix, of course :]).

And as far as Branyan goes; we really didn’t get what we wanted from Griffey batting cleanup, and now that we know Branyan can actually utilize those guns of his…..let’s keep him!


Starting tonight, we have a 3 game series against the Toronto Blue Jays! Wednesday we get to experience the wrath of the Roy Halladay. Aaaaand who do we put forth to compete against him? Rowland-Smith.





Welcome Newbies!

Erik Bedard’s curveball was a little weak last night……….

…but who the heck cares??

We won 3 games out of 4 against the big, bad Texas Rangers!

I really was being pessimistic yesterday when I was content with a 2-2 tied series. I’m a hard-core Mariners fan, of all people I need to have more faith in them! It’s hard to even express how ecstatic I was to see the 3-3 tie, and then a 5-3 win!

2008790972.jpgTo be honest, when Shelton took the pinch-hitter position, I thought…


But apparently Wakamatsu knows what he’s doing because that was the most wonderful thing that could have happened to us! A soft single was all it took to get ahead in the game!

To put a cherry on top of this wonderful Mariners sundae, Johnson did it again!

Man, Johjima is going to have to step it up and fight for the catcher spot if Johnson keeps this up!

As always, Ichiro, Gutierrez and Aardsma along with Shelton and Johnson get bright gold stars for their performance. :]

Sweet, what a great way to go into the All-Star break!


Home Run Derby tonight 8PM EST!

I had a hair-appointment at 7PM but I changed it to 5PM so I don’t miss one bit of the Derby.

My BFF called me a “Freak!”


It’s too bad Ichiro never participates in the derby. It might sound ridiculous to those who haven’t witnessed Ichiro during BP but he is known by his fellow teammates and other players that he hits the ball out of the park more than others. Pretty sure he’d put up a good fight against others!

Nonetheless, so excited for all the festivities!



Go ahead, feast on our RPs.

Being in Detroit challenges my faith for the Mariners at times, due to the fact that by the time most games start at 7:05PM PST, it’s already 10:05PM over here and by the 4th inning, it’s bedtime.

Boo :[

So I always have to make a decision based on the 4 innings they’ve already played if I’m going to stay up or not.

And all I can say is, thank the lord I didn’t go into another sleep deficit just to watch the M’s open the flood gates for the Orioles!

Sheesh, how does 3-2 become 4-12???

I guess I’m happy for Bedard since he struck out 8 but his low pitch count was obviously costly. The RPs got a break the night before when Washburn threw a heck of a game but apparently that just wasn’t enough time. Boy, Kelley and Jakubauskas got feasted on. I really think we should keep Olson in the rotating lineup and throw Morrow back to do RP. But, who am I to say.

As far as offense, Ichiro added one to his ever-growing hit count which was great and Guteirrez is really proving that he’s deserving of a starting lineup spot (both offense and defense!). I hate hate hate to say this because I do love Ken Griffey as much as the next person in Seattle but he cannot be batting cleanup with a .218 average. I’m sorry but he just can’t, if we want to maintain strong offense and insurance runs for the pitchers.   

Even the crappiest team (Orioles) have to win some games, huh?

Well, rather lose a game (hopefully not two) to the birds than to the big, bad and mean Rangers that are coming to town!

It’s alright, we’ll win tonight and win the whole 4 game series against the Rangers and everything will be absolutely peachy!  Oh, to be optimistic!