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We still have 159 games, right?

Right? RIGHT?

I was trying to hold off on the blog until the Mariners started their winning streak but since that doesn’t seem like it’s happening anytime soon, I figure I’d give in and finally write an entry. It’s long overdue and I’ve missed this mlblogosphere and everyone in it.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am PSYCHED (I know, poor choice of vocabulary) that baseball season is underway.

9272733_420x300_mb_art_R0.jpgOpening Day
was marvelous, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. The Mariners were on the cover of ESPN, despite Cliff Lee’s placement on the DL everyone else seemed to be in tip top shape, I found a few friends to go to a sports bar with me to watch the game, I wore my new t-shirt, I had an amazing margarita and to top it all off, the Mariners won! They won against the Oakland Athletics 5-3. Ichiro got a hit (of course), Griffey had a hit, Kotchman was the MVP, Aardsma saved the game…..all in all it was a fantastic day for me.

However… (que depressing music)

That was basically the start and also end to my happy, Mariners victory days.

Will somebody please tell me (nicely) what happened to my boys?

Because it can’t possibly be that the Texas Rangers or Oakland Athletics (no less), are better than the Mariners! (I mean this in the nicest way, Rangers/A’s fans)

That’s just ludacris.

So does anyone else have any suggestions? I’m at a complete loss. It makes me want to hurl as I write this but we are looking at a 2-5 record in the face at the moment. We lost the series to the A’s and of course we lost the series to the Rangers. I honestly don’t even want to know how the Angels are doing because they can’t possibly be doing any worse than the Mariners. We are bottom and out, man.

Yes, yes I know we have 150-something games left and I should keep my chin up (blah, blah, blah) but the Mariners aren’t the Yankees, you know? They’re not really known for doing horribly the first half of the season and then magically start winning every single game post All-Star.

I’m pulling my hair out, people.

You know what? Enough negativity. I need to calm down, cross my fingers, pray to the baseball Gods and just be the #1 Mariners fan that I am.

Which brings me to great news.

splash_berry_sticks.jpgAlthough I’m a little bitter about working all day and all night today which results in not being able to attend the Mariners Opening Day, I’m happy to say that this Friday I will not only be at Safeco Field with a friend I haven’t seen in years, but I will have a Ken Griffey Jr “The Kid” bobblehead in my hand…and hopefully some garlic fries, lemonade and shishkaberries (left).

So, if any of you reading this is going to be at the Mariners game on Friday, say hi if you see me! I’m nice and I don’t bite, I promise 🙂  I’ll be sporting this:


1. The picture quality is horrible and I realize this.
2. I’m not one to take self-portraits but it had to be done.

Also, I was recently given the opportunity to write for a fan-based sports website called Fanhuddle…of course, on the Seattle Mariners section. I believe Virginia, aka Southernbelle is also a writer on Fanhuddle but for the New York Yankees. It’s a very unique sports website run and written by dedicated fans so you should check it out sometime.   

Click Here for Fanhuddle – Seattle Mariners  

Well everyone, it’s been nice and I’ll be back more often now that baseball season is happening. If anything, I’ll be sure to update with fun pictures from Friday’s game.

Until then….


# 2,000

Seattle’s own hero Ichiro Suzuki has reached his hit number:  


Ichiro is now officially the second fastest player in MLB history to reach 2,000 hits! Congratulations Ichiro! Omedetou gozaimasu!
Well well, 1 record down, 1 more to go!
With that said…. 
Ichiro’s Hit Count as of 09/06/09 5:50PM EST:
Now this is an adorable picture:
I ♥ the Mariner Moose and of course Ichiro! Not a lot of people know that our mascot is a Moose. Did you?  
Latest Update: Mariners leading the Athletics 2-1 in the bottom 7th!
Toodles, hope all of you are having a great weekend!

A Quick Kudos

hImfjvzp.jpg     All I can say is wow. I was vaguely keeping up with the Oakland vs Minnesota game on the scroller of ESPN and had decided that Oakland was going to lose again. Of course they’re going to lose. They have been sucking this whole season, they’re not exactly getting what they paid for from Holliday and last but not least, they are 14 games behind in the AL West.  

     Who would have thought (aside all the Oakland fans) that when I wake up and watch Baseball Tonight, I’d see them win 14-13? I just love it when that happens, not only because it rarely happens but because I have no problems with Oakland and mostly because I dislike the Twins. I’m happy for Oakland and their fans! Holliday (definitely on the list of potential future husbands) had 4 runs, 4 hits and a ******** 6 RBI’s! Every single person in the line up had at least 1 hit and only Suzuki had no runs.

     Absolutely amazing work! It must have been such a treat to be at that game! :]


  Starting tonight, Mariners v.s Tigers!