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Honestly, I don’t even know where to start…or what to say, even. I was working out at the gym with my blackberry on a 30 second refresh mode on mlb.com and was fairly content when the score was 2-0 in our favor for what seemed like a long time. Bottom 8th, we score another run, 3-0. I get off the treadmill and I was even confident enough to exit out of mlb.com to go lift some weights.

I leave the gym, I get back to my place and while I’m cooking dinner I check my phone just to make sure the game was over….

And I clearly remember raising my eyebrow and saying, “what?” out loud.

Frick frick frick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We LOST 3-5??

How, why, who, when, what?

I had such a mixture of anger and sadness that I don’t even remember what I ate for dinner last night.

But you know what? Now that I slept on it, I have to tip my (pink, of course) Mariner’s cap to the Orioles for taking advantage of our weakest link: our relief pitchers.

Afterall, that’s the key to winning any game, take advantage of the opposing team’s short-comings. And the Orioles did just that.


….two nights in a row.


I hope this shows the GM and Wakamatsu that they are in dire need of good relief pitchers. You can’t just blow a SP’s hard earned win in the 9th inning with only 3 outs left.

Poor Vargas :[  

Well with that in the past now, let’s hope the Rangers series won’t be too painful to watch!




Go ahead, feast on our RPs.

Being in Detroit challenges my faith for the Mariners at times, due to the fact that by the time most games start at 7:05PM PST, it’s already 10:05PM over here and by the 4th inning, it’s bedtime.

Boo :[

So I always have to make a decision based on the 4 innings they’ve already played if I’m going to stay up or not.

And all I can say is, thank the lord I didn’t go into another sleep deficit just to watch the M’s open the flood gates for the Orioles!

Sheesh, how does 3-2 become 4-12???

I guess I’m happy for Bedard since he struck out 8 but his low pitch count was obviously costly. The RPs got a break the night before when Washburn threw a heck of a game but apparently that just wasn’t enough time. Boy, Kelley and Jakubauskas got feasted on. I really think we should keep Olson in the rotating lineup and throw Morrow back to do RP. But, who am I to say.

As far as offense, Ichiro added one to his ever-growing hit count which was great and Guteirrez is really proving that he’s deserving of a starting lineup spot (both offense and defense!). I hate hate hate to say this because I do love Ken Griffey as much as the next person in Seattle but he cannot be batting cleanup with a .218 average. I’m sorry but he just can’t, if we want to maintain strong offense and insurance runs for the pitchers.   

Even the crappiest team (Orioles) have to win some games, huh?

Well, rather lose a game (hopefully not two) to the birds than to the big, bad and mean Rangers that are coming to town!

It’s alright, we’ll win tonight and win the whole 4 game series against the Rangers and everything will be absolutely peachy!  Oh, to be optimistic!