Off-Season Funblog 1

As little as there is to write about Mariners baseball lately, I’ve been having blogging withdrawals along with my obvious baseball itch.

Let me start with what I do have of Mariners updates:

1. Mariners offered arbitration to Adrian Beltre (3B). I’m not surprised and I’m sure most Mariners fans expected this. However, the chances of Beltre returning are slim; apparently the Phillies and Red Sox are interested in offering Beltre a multi-year contract. You know what? I think I’m going to be ok with it.  

2. Mariners did not offer arbitration to Erik Bedard (SP). Am I surprised? Not really. His injuries every other game was just tiring. I don’t blame the Mariners at all for not inviting him back.

On top of the fact that the Mariners really haven’t had much going on these days, I miss writing…so I decided to start an Off-Season Funblog! I plan on writing about random things that you just might enjoy reading about :]

Today I would like to introduce you to my fairly new friend I live with.


This is Kenji. Yes, he’s a parakeet. He’s roughly 12 weeks old and he’s been with me for about 2 weeks.

Some of you may be wondering…did I name him after the now-departed catcher Kenji Johjima?

Yes I did

Call me crazy, it’s ok, it wouldn’t be the first time.

IMG00243.jpgHe still can’t fly but I see him practicing all the time; it’s pretty comical.

As some of you may know, all I’ve been doing is driving up and down Interstate 5 from Seattle to Portland and vice versa for work. Although Kenji has his huge bird-condo that he lives in, he travels with me in his miniature cage. It’s been pretty fun having him around so far! :]

13033_621895768990_25900207_36843165_3475945_n.jpgOther than work, spending time with family and friends, I have yet to find a remedy for my stinkin’ baseball itch. As depressing as this sounds, I suppose I’m finally getting used to the fact that baseball isn’t happening. It’s quite the tragedy but at least I know I’m not the only person that’s going through this!

Well, hope everyone enjoyed my first Funblog and is finding better things to do with their time than sulking over this cold, cold, very, very long winter without baseball. Sob!





  1. nao

    Hello, it’s good to see you here again!
    Also it’s nice to meet your new friend Kenji! He looks so cute, and I hope he’ll be able to fly with his own wings soon.

    Maybe you already know that Kenji Johjima signed with Hanshin Tigers back in Japan, a new stage in his baseball career. I am sure both he and the club made the best choice, looking forward to see him play games with his new teammates. Every Tigers pitcher, both rookie and veteran, will find a “friend” always standing on his side in Kenji.
    (He closely communicates with each pitcher he catches to know the good and bad points and then makes full use of his knowledge and experience to maximize the performance of this pitcher at every moment inside and outside the diamond. While he was still in Japan and played for a different club, Softbank Hawks, his style in collaborating with under-experienced pitchers was sometimes compared with attitudes of a wise mother educating her naughty kids by clever coaxing)

  2. mattpeas

    Congrats on the bird!
    Even though I cannot stand bird, they creep me out, have pooped on me before and always seem to hit my car i still aprreciate them. And I do love the companionship of a pet. It stinks not being able to have a dog in my apartment complex because I surely miss my cocker spaniel back home.

    BTW, recently heard a rumor the Jason Bay wants to be in Seattle. Itd be interesting to see what goes down as that would be a big curveball for wishful SOx and Yankee fans. I for one would enjoy seeing him re-united with Jack Wilson and would spark my interest for sure

  3. heartruss

    Kenji is adorable. I have two African Gray Parrots who talk up a storm. They are hysterical. One likes to cough, sneeze and make sound effects. They both make appropriate comments. I dropped something the other day and the one gray, appropriately named Blue, said “Shoot, shoot, shoot.”
    My Dad has a cockatiel and a love bird. We have no imagination. The cockatiel is Gray Bird and the love bird is Green Bird. Ha ha, and we call the cat Gray Kitty. Both birds talk all the time. Usually they are calling Gray Kitty. Isn’t that funny? Confusing for Gray Kitty.
    Glad everything is good for you.

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