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MLB goes PINK ♥

mlb_logo.jpgThis is news for my fellow female fans or for male fans that want a reason to impress their ladies in their lives!

USA Today posted yesterday with news that MLB is finally partnering with Victoria’s Secret’s PINK line.

Yes. Finally.

pinkvc.jpgPINK has gone nationwide with their collegiate collection and it was only a matter of time that they were going to team up with a professional athletic organization. Similar to PINK’s collegiate collection, 11 MLB clubs will have t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, even hats and jerseys ranging from $19.99 to $58.00.

What better sport to do that with than baseball?

Can I just say that I am beyond ecstatic about this? I have been waiting for this day to come and was hoping it would be before I got too old to wear PINK products.  

victoriasx-large.jpgNow all you Yankees, Red Sox, Cardinals, Twins, Cubs and Angels fans can be confident that you’ll be able to have your hands on some adorable PINK/MLB goodies starting this Tuesday.

As for myself and the rest of the baseball organizations…well, let’s just hope, pray and cross our fingers (and our toes!) that our teams are the remaining 5 teams that will be participating in MLB’s attempt to increase the female fan base.

Needless to say, I’m going to be absolutely devastated if the Pacific Northwest doesn’t get the Mariners line in our stores tomorrow.

Come on, now. I didn’t even get to buy the collegiate collection since I wasn’t a Husky, Cougar, Beaver or a Duck.

At least let me wear the adorable PINK clothing in navy, green, M’s logo, crystals and glitter?

Pretty please?


                                        [Tshirt photo courtsey of USA Today]

On a side note….gosh, I have been horrible with updating this blog. I can’t believe I went two months without anything! Believe me, I thought about blogging a lot more often that I actually did this off-season. This post and the gorgeous weather is a good sign though, baseball season is back sooooooooooon 


Major League Studlies ♥

Now that I’m done moving out of my apartment for the most part (I’m living with my boyfriend till this weekend when I really leave Michigan for good), and Ichiro has reached his 200+ hit and all that the Mariners are doing now are playing the spoiler role (really well, if I say so myself), there’s so much wiggle room in my personal life and topics I can write on. 
Then I remembered a guy commenting on one of my first entries ever. With the support of other bloggers (you know who you are), he was reported and blocked from commenting on any MLBlog ever from that point on…but anyway, I was thinking about what he had said. He was talking about (all in capslock) how I was writing this blog to get male attention, how I didn’t know smack about baseball, how females should never talk about baseball because we’ll never understand it as well as males do, how females only love baseball because of the tight uniforms and the players….

….and so I dedicate this entry to that guy.  

n1297590026_30028172_284_thumb.jpgI think it’s ridiculous that he thinks I can’t talk baseball, but mostly because he was such a sexist oink-oink. Sure, the ratio of men to women that can straight talk baseball or fill in a score-card properly is unbalanced but look at this blogosphere, what a great example! There are a lot of ladies that write fantastic blogs that can talk baseball for days and discuss stats with the best of ’em. ilove_thumb.jpg

Another thing. I don’t think it’s unprofessional at all that the ladies like what they’re looking at. Puh-lease! You can’t tell me that guys watch beach volleyball or football or basketball or tennis without checking out the athletes or the cheerleaders! So for anyone to tell me that I can’t appreciate eye-candy when I see one? Boy, just build a bridge and get over it because I see it as just another way to appreciate the game of baseball aside from the stats, competition and pride for your team.

th_baseball_thumb.jpgAnd last but not least? Trust me when I say I don’t watch 160-something games or learn the athletes names or keep up with stats or waste money on over-priced garlic fries and stadium seats just for male attention. You know why I say that? It’s because I’ve actually scared more than a few guys off with my baseball knowledge. Correct me if I’m wrong but that’s definitely not attracting male attention.

So that’s all the ranting from me…and now on to the good stuff (that’ll make that guy want to jump off a cliff). This is a compilation (in no specific order) of what I call : “My FHH List” [FHH=Future Husband Hopefuls]

1. David Wright (New York Mets)


2. Gil Meche (Kansas City Royals)


3. Russell Branyan (Seattle Mariners)


4. Jack Hannahan (Seattle Mariners)


5. J.J Hardy (Milwaukee Brewers)

img8376e2f0zikazj.jpg                                                    That is all….for now ♥




Batting practice, anyone?

I’ve been ecstatic about the Mariners coming into town (Mo-town) and being able to watch them on FSN Detroit and of course being able to attend a game (tonight!) but boy was I disappointed within the first hour….no, first 30 minutes of the game.

Oh, I don’t know, I thought maybe the Indians game taught Olson a lesson or two but he just couldn’t keep his balls down. His fastball was too high and his curveball wasn’t, well, curving.

It was the cherry on top of this crappy pitching sundae when the somewhat struggling Ordonez crushed the ball for a grand salami in the bottom 1st with 0 outs. I went from pale (the second Ordonez swung) to raging red (when the bases cleared)…..

….gosh so stressful!

But did it end there? Oh heeeeeeeeeeeeeck no. (Ugh!)

Olson left the mound putting the Mariners in the hole after a mere 1.1 innings and yet gave up 7 runs.

And what better idea than to bring in Jakubauskas, the same pitcher they brought in after Olson last time they lost?

Jakubauskas gave up 3 hits, 1 run and injured Gutierrez. Gutierrez slammed into the back of CF and was rolling on the floor in agony. Apparently it’s too far from the pitching mound to the back of CF because Jakubauskas didn’t walk over to Gutierrez when he was down on the floor for a good 15 minutes while Ichiro, Lopez and Cedeno ran over to him immediately. He was trying to catch a ball that YOU let out that far and all you do is stand on the mound and scratch your head? Shame on you

I give ♥props♥ to the Tigers fans though, because when Gutierrez finally got up and was assisted back to the dugout, they gave him a standing ovation. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Thanks Tigers fans! Apparently it turned out to be a slight concussion, bruised knee and arm so I’m glad it wasn’t anything serious. We love Gutierrez.


Jakubauskas ended up calming down a little bit and after the first 2 innings, our pitchers ended up only giving up 1 run (to Cabrera) but that didn’t mean it wasn’t disappointing.

As far as offense, I give them so much kudos because I went from hopeless to hopeful throughout the whole game. Even though we lost, we made the Tigers pretty nervous by inching closer almost every inning. Hannahan had two solo homers, Langerhans had a 2 run homer (with excellent defense!), Balentein had a homer, Ichiro had a hit and a run (is that even a surprise anymore?), Lopez went 3 for 5 with an RBI….

…sigh, four homeruns and that didn’t cut it. :[

arby.jpgThanks to and on behalf of Olson and the rest of the pitching staff, Tigers fans can enjoy a free Arby’s roast beef sandwhich since they gave up 3 homeruns to the Tigers! Enjoy that, Tiger fans! I could technically get a free sandwhich but there’s no way I’m eating a roast beef sandwich covered with yummy horsey sauce and guilt!!!!

With all that said, I’m hoping tonight’s game between Felix and Gallaraga will be better. I had posted that it was Felix vs.Verlander, but apparently Leyland is saving their aces for the four game series against the White Sox that’s coming up. Gallaraga is going into the game with a 5.09 ERA while Felix enters with an amazing 2.41. It’s almost a given that we’d win….

….at least we should.

….but you never know in baseball! That’s the beauty of it though, isn’t it?  

Plus I’m going to the game tonight so I should be all the luck they need! ♥ I told my boyfriend he should probably drive because I don’t want to risk any mean person to ruin this beauty:


[Yup, that’s my car.]

I’ve got my Johjima shirt, M’s cap, blue and green face paint and drinking plenty of fluids here at work so my throat will survive all the cheering (or yelling, hehe!) so I think I’m good to go! ♥

Tomorrow’s entry should be full of fun pictures and hopefully happy news! :]



P.S It was so fun and exciting to be quoted on the MLB website! My Dad and Grandpa would be proud! :]