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Thank you boys…♥

I’m slowly adjusting back into the working girl life (thank you for the wishes, I got the job!) in the best coast…I mean, west coast, while I, together with my Grandpa, sulk that baseball season is practically over.

th_1701907_thumb.jpgFor Mariners fans anyway.

Now call me cheesy but I got teary-eyed watching the final game of the Mariners season. The boys won 4-3 against the Texas Rangers and so much happened in the game. Not one player gets honorable mention because practically everyone did. Felix got his 19th win this season while he vies for the Cy Young, David Aardsma closed the game, Ichiro had a hit and a run, Griffey had a hit, Guttierrez scored some runs, Lopez scored the winning run, Batista had a perfect 8th inning and Wakamatsu led the team for their 85th win of the season.


I cannot believe the Mariners had such a great rebound year after last year’s 101 game loss. With Bavasi gone, that should have been a good sign anyway, but when the new GM chose Wakamatsu, there were definitely some speculation as to how he was going to perform as the new skipper for a disconnected 40-man-40-cab team after the 2008 season. I hate to say it but the 2008 Mariners were plain sad to watch. No player chemistry or respect, no smiles or hugs….and of course barely any wins. I am a Mariners fan through thick and thin but no season was as tough as the ’08 season.

Hiring Jack Zduriencik (GM) and Don Wakamatsu was truly the best change the organization could have made.

Now only if they would hire me as the assistant coach, right? :] dance_thumb.jpg

Actually, I’ve always wanted to organize a dance team for the Mariners. I admit, one of the many things I like about baseball is that there are no cheerleaders or dancers dressed in close-to-nothing making provocative moves. However, as a former dancer (jazz/hip hop) and a Mariners fanatic, I would have so much fun making up a dance team for the M’s! It would consist of dancers of all ages, we’d wear Mariners jerseys and have dance moves that everyone in the stadium can learn! Oh I wish ♥


As the Yankees and Phillies compete for the World Series Championship, I truly wish the best for both teams! I’m going to have to jump on the Phillies band-wagon though, because I’m assuming the Yankees have enough intense supporters and I think the Phillies can use some DG oomph ♥ Good luck to both teams, though!

P92700082_thumb.jpgAlso, I’d like to say a special farewell to my favorite catcher, Kenji Johjima. The news came as a surprise when the fans were informed that he was breaking his 3 year contract to return to Japan. In a nutshell, there was some controversey with the reason of breaking the contract. Joh had told the Mariners he was leaving due to the fact that he wasn’t close to his family. However, Joh told the Japanese media that he was leaving because he wasn’t going to get any playing time next year with Johnson taking most of the spot-light this season. Joh had told them he wanted to be their main catcher, not their back-up. According to a Japanese article I read, you can’t opt out of a contract just because you aren’t satisfied with your position or playing time; yet you can opt out if it’s for a family issue. Apparently Mariners management are not happy with Johjima and his communication discrepancy between the Japanese media and the U.S media. Ah well. As a fan, none of that matters. I just have to say I’ll miss him and wish him the best back home in Japan. I’m sure he’ll continue to play amazing baseball.

johjima-k-ap-080402-392.jpgBut jeez, now I have to buy a new Mariners t-shirt. I’m starting to accumulate ex-Mariners t-shirts in my bottom drawer. It’s kind of a dilemma for a Mariners fan to choose whose t-shirt they should buy without it becoming unwearable after a season. I’m guessing I’m good to go for a few years if I buy an Ichiro t-shirt.

As far as next season….

……will the Mariners go for 85+ wins next season? Is Griffey returning for perhaps one more season? Is Johnson’s hip surgery going to affect his performance next season? Is Moore going to be a sufficient enough catcher to fill the shoes of a departing Johjima? Will Ichiro keep breaking his own record and go for 10 years in a row to hit 200+ hits? Will Felix get 20 wins? Will Aardsma have 45+ saves once again? Is Beltre coming back to man third base? Which J.Wilson (Jack or Josh) will rise above during the off-season to dominate as SS? Will Gutierrez continue to build on his successful season? Is Branyan signing with the Mariners and will he lead in HRs again despite his back? Will Zduriencik and Wakamatsu find an efficient third-base coach?

As you can see, fans and I have a lot of questions. Yet, all I want to do now is sit back and reminisce on the fantastic season the Mariners have given us this season. 

Thank you boys for giving me a reason to be passionate!

Rest up though, because spring training will be here before you know it ♥ 



Hit # 200

Ichiro makes Major League Baseball history…..
Ichiro reached hit number:
9 straight seasons of 200+ hits!
Ichiro had his 200th hit during the second game of the double-header against the Texas Rangers.
He’s just amazing!
Congratulations Ichiro!
Such a great day for all Mariners fan everywhere…and I’m sure baseball fans in general!
Party time! Time to crank up some Black Eyed Peas – “I got a feeling”. :]

P.S It doesn’t hurt that we won the series against the Rangers. I guess Team Seattle was more used to the rainy environment. Oh the irony! :]


Revenge is sweet…

…only when you’re the one that’s giving it. anaheim_angels_logo1022504_op_542x600.jpg


Unfortunately we’re on the receiving end of it and the Angels (and Angels fans I’m sure) are having a field day.

Here are the series results so far:

 09/08/09: 2-3 Angels F/10

09/09/09: 3-6 Angels

09/10/09: 72-0 Mariners


Ok, I’m obviously joking about the last game of the series consdering it hasn’t even been played quite yet but that’s the result I’m hoping for. 72 runs might be too much but 40 isn’t asking for too much, is it? Crossing my fingers! :]


Oh Angels, Angels, Angels…how I loathe you. Never in a million years would I boycott the Mariners to become an Angels fan (never, I tell you, never!) but I can at least admit that I loathe you due to the fact that I’m really jealous and bitter of how amazing of the team you Angels are.

The first game of the series, the Angels decided they were tired and wanted to go home. They took advantage of a crumbling Batista and indeed finished the game in the bottom 10th.

Then the next day, the Angels figured they would set themselves apart early in the game so they scored 4 runs in the first inning….then a couple insurance runs here and there later on just in case, even though they didn’t need it.

Now today, however, will be different. I can just feel it. I feel empowered and I’m sending this vibe all the way from Detroit to L.A. Teehee ♥


How can I possibly end an entry nowadays without this:



My selfish wish is that he reaches hit # 200 at home, but the boys still have 4 games ahead of them before coming home. At the rate he’s going, I’m assuming he’ll be hitting #200 down south in Texas! All you Texas fans, go witness history being made at the Rangers Ballpark (what a simple name, love it!)!



P.S. What I especially love about the Angels:

Grabbing the white flag

white_flag.jpg        Oh boy, the time has come to crawl out of my fantasy world where I’m determined that the Mariners still have a shot at winning at least the Wild Card race.

I know that sounds completely ridiculous but I’m sure everyone knows the feeling of purposely being a teeny tiny bit ignorant about watching your favorite team fall out of contention.

So here I am, finally (and forcefully) waving the white flag. When the Mariners traded away Jarrod Washburn, that was pretty much the GM waving the flag but me being stubborn, I knowingly ignored that. Oh to find out your team has become a “seller”.

How lovely.

Mariners, you broke my heart again!

2248457256_cc2925a2d1.jpgThank your lucky stars I’m going on vacation so I don’t have too much time to sulk and be depressed. However, I will be back in Seattle for vacation so you guys had better be ready for some Diamond Girl power at Safeco Field. ♥  I’m so excited I can actually watch the Mariners on FSN every game! 


What really forced me to admit to the team becoming a seller was the four game series against the big, bad Texas Rangers. It was a four game series and after the 3rd game I thought maybe we can at least tie the game but that didn’t happen.

3189854372_57aa8a122c.jpgThis is the result of the series:

7/30: 1-7 Rangers

7/31: 4-5 Rangers

8/1: 7-2 Mariners

8/2: 2-4 Rangers

I guess I can find solace in knowing we didn’t get swept but losing 3 games is kind of a sweep.

It’s hard to criticize the Rangers, 1. because they’re better than the Mariners and 2. because I’ve always liked the Rangers. I don’t know what it is about them (yes, apart from the fact that I ♥ Kinsler, Hamilton and Saltalamacchia :]) but I always find myself cheering them on when the Wild Card rankings really start to matter (they always start showing the wild card rankings right after the All Star game…too soon!).

For the fourth game, Snell, our newest member from the Pittsburgh Pirates made his first start as a Mariner
large_ian%20snell.jpgConsidering his win-loss ratio from when he was a Pirate and the fact that he was playing against the Texas Rangers, I suppose his performance was fairly solid. He gave up 2 runs which were both homers and struck out 4.


Personally, I’m not quite sure if I was satisfied or not. I mean, he’s better than Olson (most are, and please don’t get me started on Olson. I’m highly irate and dangerous when I hear his name) but my expectations were probably set too high for him. I think he did well against the Rangers, it was just a tough loss that night and it wasn’t his fault. Again, our RPs messed it up. Thanks to White, we threw away what could have been a tied series against our arch nemesis.

The 3rd game was very nice. Felix got his 12th win despite his struggle. Jose Lopez and Ken Griffey Jr. both went 3 for 5. When Felix pitches, Lopez averages a .338 with 8 doubles, 5 homers and 18 RBIs.

Felix and Lopez = BFFs.  :]

Adorable. ♥

seattle-mariners-ichiro-nc.jpgHow can I forget Ichiro? Although he went 0 for 4 in the first game of the series (wow!), he had at least 2 hits a game for the rest of the series. With his batting average, I feel it’s the best decision to put a higher average player to bat 9th. I’m guessing that would help produce more runs for the team. That seems pretty obvious but perhaps I’m too naiive.

Ichiro is also well on his way to 200+ hits for 10 seasons in a row.


What an amazing feat.

Just like President Obama told Ichiro that made him giggle like a kid, he’s a future Hall of Famer for sure. It won’t be anytime soon since there’s apparently no slowing down for #51 but in the years to come, I’m excited to see him inching closer to his entrance to Cooperstown.  ♥

So the next three series are against the Kansas City Royals. Unfortunately we won’t be facing the amazing Zack Greinke or Gil Meche (I believe he’s on the DL) but I’m crossing my fingers that I get to see the Royals in their baby blue uniform that makes them look like softies (see below). Note, I’m not making fun of that, I actually ♥ it. I like the Royals, mostly because there are a few former Mariners so I’ll be able to enjoy watching the game without getting livid and/or stressed out. Hehe. :]

Chicago+White+Sox+v+Kansas+City+Royals+YTf1FLh0DDsl.jpg                                      ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

On a personal note, I’m going on vacation and leaving Mo-Town tomorrow morning for Portland, Oregon and then to my second home-sweet-home, Seattle, Washington. For the next week while I’m in Portland I highly doubt I’ll be blogging at all but once I’m home in Seattle, I’ll be back. :]

kauai-luxury-vacation-rental.jpg  Wait, the Pacific Northwest doesn’t look like that. More like this:

Community%20copy.jpgTill I’m back, best of luck to all your teams!



Welcome Newbies!

Erik Bedard’s curveball was a little weak last night……….

…but who the heck cares??

We won 3 games out of 4 against the big, bad Texas Rangers!

I really was being pessimistic yesterday when I was content with a 2-2 tied series. I’m a hard-core Mariners fan, of all people I need to have more faith in them! It’s hard to even express how ecstatic I was to see the 3-3 tie, and then a 5-3 win!

2008790972.jpgTo be honest, when Shelton took the pinch-hitter position, I thought…


But apparently Wakamatsu knows what he’s doing because that was the most wonderful thing that could have happened to us! A soft single was all it took to get ahead in the game!

To put a cherry on top of this wonderful Mariners sundae, Johnson did it again!

Man, Johjima is going to have to step it up and fight for the catcher spot if Johnson keeps this up!

As always, Ichiro, Gutierrez and Aardsma along with Shelton and Johnson get bright gold stars for their performance. :]

Sweet, what a great way to go into the All-Star break!


Home Run Derby tonight 8PM EST!

I had a hair-appointment at 7PM but I changed it to 5PM so I don’t miss one bit of the Derby.

My BFF called me a “Freak!”


It’s too bad Ichiro never participates in the derby. It might sound ridiculous to those who haven’t witnessed Ichiro during BP but he is known by his fellow teammates and other players that he hits the ball out of the park more than others. Pretty sure he’d put up a good fight against others!

Nonetheless, so excited for all the festivities!



Phew! ♥ ♥ ♥

I was definitely up till 12:30am last night watching the Mariners on Game Day and I’m very, excited I did.

I got such great sleep! :]

I say PHEW, for this blog title because I’m relieved that at least we’ll tie the series even if we lose today. I know, a little pessimistic for my taste but Texas has such an amazing team that any game we win against them is an honor…

….and we won TWO! :]

……….and hopefully THREE within the next few hours :]

Crossing my fingers!

You know, I was just complaining to my Dad yesterday that Johjima doesn’t play as much as I’d like him to. We call him double-play-Johjima (if you watch him closely enough you know that’s his favorite way to put two outs on his own team) but it’s all out of love ♥ Hee hee.

Acquiring Johnson seemed a little questionable for me but wow he won the game for us last night! Can’t complain about that :]

But of course, kudos has to be given to Washburn, Branyan, Ichiro and Aardsma as well. After Washburn’s last amazing outing, I was confident he was going to do well…and he did!

I don’t like being mean (…well, kind of :] ) but I was never a huge fan of Eddie Guardado so it was somewhat pleasing to see him come out against his former teammates just to lose :]

Anyway, it’s just so nice to see the Mariners putting up a great fight against the amazing Rangers. After last season, my hope for the Mariners diminished a little bit but hey we’re showing the world that we can truly kick some *** and it’s not completely ridiculous anymore for an M’s fan to think we just might have a chance at the pennant :]


Can I get a what what?


HA! My plan is already working itself out. Win the Rangers series was my plan and we’re well on our way :]

Wishful thinking?

Psh, not with performances like that from King Felix, Ichiro and Gutierrez!

This game was a classic pitchers duel and gosh I wish I could have watched it on TV instead of through GameDay on Mlb.com! It was looking fairly sketchy especially after 7 tiresome innings of no runs for us and that 1 run the Rangers had seemed like they were ahead by 100.

But even in a game like that, Ichiro manages to go 3-4 with 1 run. What did I say about having Griffey in the cleanup position? Yup, no good. Branyan, Lopez and Griffey couldn’t do jack for Ichiro.


Helloooooooooooooo! Gutierrez to the frickin’ rescue, people! That 3-run dinger in the bottom 8th won it all. Won the game for the team, a win for Felix (well deserved!) and won our hearts as well :]

Oh and let’s not forget, it felt great when Aardsma got the save after a rough outing a couple nights ago.

I’m sure this win really boosted the M’s confidence and the drive to win the next 3. Teehee :]

Go M’s!