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MLB goes PINK ♥

mlb_logo.jpgThis is news for my fellow female fans or for male fans that want a reason to impress their ladies in their lives!

USA Today posted yesterday with news that MLB is finally partnering with Victoria’s Secret’s PINK line.

Yes. Finally.

pinkvc.jpgPINK has gone nationwide with their collegiate collection and it was only a matter of time that they were going to team up with a professional athletic organization. Similar to PINK’s collegiate collection, 11 MLB clubs will have t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, even hats and jerseys ranging from $19.99 to $58.00.

What better sport to do that with than baseball?

Can I just say that I am beyond ecstatic about this? I have been waiting for this day to come and was hoping it would be before I got too old to wear PINK products.  

victoriasx-large.jpgNow all you Yankees, Red Sox, Cardinals, Twins, Cubs and Angels fans can be confident that you’ll be able to have your hands on some adorable PINK/MLB goodies starting this Tuesday.

As for myself and the rest of the baseball organizations…well, let’s just hope, pray and cross our fingers (and our toes!) that our teams are the remaining 5 teams that will be participating in MLB’s attempt to increase the female fan base.

Needless to say, I’m going to be absolutely devastated if the Pacific Northwest doesn’t get the Mariners line in our stores tomorrow.

Come on, now. I didn’t even get to buy the collegiate collection since I wasn’t a Husky, Cougar, Beaver or a Duck.

At least let me wear the adorable PINK clothing in navy, green, M’s logo, crystals and glitter?

Pretty please?


                                        [Tshirt photo courtsey of USA Today]

On a side note….gosh, I have been horrible with updating this blog. I can’t believe I went two months without anything! Believe me, I thought about blogging a lot more often that I actually did this off-season. This post and the gorgeous weather is a good sign though, baseball season is back sooooooooooon 


Over here in the Emerald City….

It’s hard to sit with a cup of coffee, maybe a cookie and find time to write a new entry when your life is chaotic. I won’t bore you with my latest antics but we’ll leave it at this; my life has been crazy.

Even that sounds like an understatement. seattle-rain.jpg

Over here in the rainy beautiful Emerald City, more specifically at 1st Ave and Edgar Martinez Dr, lots have been happening. The Mariners organization has been busy. Busy dealing with arbitrations, busy signing new and old players, busy inviting players to Spring Training, busy having photo shoots with new players, busy mourning the departure of Branyan and Johjima….

….ok the last one is just me.

Like I said on my Twitter, I have waited too long to update my blog that I have no idea where to start. I’m going to machine-gun my way through some Mariners updates but please note that they are in no particular order.

1. Felix Hernandez is staying! For FIVE more years! I expected 2 or 3, but 5? I’m beyond ecstatic and I’m sure a lot of other Mariners fans are too. The exact number for Felix’s raise is not disclosed, but I’m guessing it’ll be a chunky amount compared to his 3.8 million salary last season! When you’re a Cy Younger runner-up, you deserve it. 

Wow, I’m pretty confident when I say we have the most vicious 1-2 punch for our starting rotation in the entire Major LeaguesSorry Angels, we’ll be dethroning you this season.

felix_184_450.jpg2. Mariners closer David Aardsma and relief pitcher Derek Lowe signed a one-year extension and both a raise in their salaries. They certainly both deserved the raise after their outstanding (especially Aardsma) performances in the ’09 season. Aardsma was 38 for 42 save opportunities, and Lowe was one of the only consistently dependable RPs for us last season.

3. Say hello to our new 1st baseman Casey Kotchman from the Red Sox. Please don’t ask me how I feel about this or I’ll start crying. I would like to ask our GM one question; why wasn’t Branyan a good candidate? Sure, he was injured but he did his job as the team slugger hitting 31 HRs and manned 1st base extremely well. Ok fine, I guess the M’s offered him a 1 year deal and he rejected it. Let me pout for a few seconds.


Ok I’m done. As a faithful Mariners fan, I should welcome Casey Kotchman with a smiling face and open arms. Casey, I wish you success in our amazing team but please don’t do anything that’ll make me regret the smiling face and open arms. Mmmkay?

Russell, I will miss you dearly and I wish you the best. I highly doubt that anyone in our lineup (so far) is going to blast 31 homeruns like you did last season. What are we going to do without a slugger like you? Eeep!


4. The Mariners welcome Brandon League as a result of a trade with Brandon Morrow. I don’t have much to say about this trade because it kind of feels like an even exchange. Both their ERA’s are kind of high, both had an unstable season. I do like his glasses though.


There you go, a quick update of what the 2010 AL West Champions Mariners have been up to. :] I can’t believe Spring Training is right around the corner; it feels like it’s been ages since I’ve watched baseball. Now that I’m back in the Pacific Northwest, I plan on going to a ridiculous amount of Mariners game this season. Besides, I have my game shirt ready and everything:

shirt.jpg                                                  It was a gift from Santa! ♥


Before I dive back into MLBlogging…

I’m BACK! ♥

Like my entry title states, before I drive right into talking Mariners lingo, I thought I’d share some pictures with all of you of the Diamond Girly Family taking on the Emerald City (for the unfamiliar, aka Seattle) and of course Safeco Field. :]

First of all, some pictures of the gorgeous city of Seattle:


       A cadid photo of my wonderful parents shopping downtown Seattle on our way to the market!


This is the world famous Pike’s Place Market! They have the most amazing fruits, veggies, seafood, flowers and various local deliciousness!

6729_607789867330_25900207_36202913_5237396_n.jpg            This is the Maximus Minimus lunch bus shaped like a pig. Their food rocks!

6729_607789942180_25900207_36202925_6922772_n.jpgThis is at the Llama Cafe right in front of Pike’s Place. I love sitting out on the patio under the colorful umbrella-ella-ella-ella (ok, so old).That’s my parents and my 16 yo little brother, Kevin.

6729_607789957150_25900207_36202926_6950592_n.jpgI found the Pike’s Place Market Piggy! Throughout the city, there are several pigs decorated by various local artists and I’ve always wondered where this little guy was! Thanks Llama Cafe!

8427_609072132660_25900207_36266848_362503_n.jpgThis is what the Space Needle looks like when you’re standing right at the bottom of it!

8427_609072137650_25900207_36266849_8004950_n.jpgThis is what it looks like when you climb up the 60 floor tall Space Needle! You can actually see Safeco Field and Qwest Field (the home of the Seahawks and Sounders)!


                                   This is downtown Seattle at night. So pretty! ♥ 

Now now, how is this a Diamond Girl blog without pictures of a Mariners game?

6729_607790780500_25900207_36202978_5195312_n.jpg                                   My Dad and Kevin in front of the Ichiro wall.

6729_607790860340_25900207_36202992_4794294_n.jpg My Dad, Kevin and I with the Guest Service guy on the segway. He’s quite the celebrity at Safeco Field!

6729_607790790480_25900207_36202980_2449456_n.jpgThis picture really doesn’t do it justice but my family were seated in the Terrace Club and it was amazing! Felt like a VIP! :]

6729_607790800460_25900207_36202982_404635_n.jpg We took advantage of the Grand Slam Family Pack Night so we got our free Pepsi product and a Minor League Dog! :]

6729_607790805450_25900207_36202983_4434423_n.jpgThis is what my Mom likes to call “Ichiro-watching”. She’s not much of a baseball fan so all she does is watch Ichiro. Unfortunately Ichiro wasn’t playing that night yet she managed to find him in the dugout. “Deena, he’s the one standing against the fence with his socks pulled up!” So funny!

6729_607790785490_25900207_36202979_5894672_n.jpg              Kevin and I enjoying the game. Yes, I tattooed my face with a Mariners logo :]

6729_607790840380_25900207_36202988_7539049_n.jpgKevin and I sharing an absolutely heart-burning yet amazing plate of the (in?)famous Garlic Fries. It’s the most delicious thing in the world, really! :]

6729_607790845370_25900207_36202989_5885630_n.jpg                                      My new favorite Mariner, Jack Hannahan!  

6729_607790855350_25900207_36202991_843506_n.jpg      Last but not least, Kevin and I very very happy about the Mariners sweep over the A’s!

                                         I hope all of you enjoyed the pictures!


It was so nice to be able to turn on FSN NW and be able to watch the Mariners whenever I pleased! Now that I’m back to Detroit, I’m already back to watching GameDay which is severely painful for me! :[ 

The past week, the Mariners have impressed me. A lot of other teams like to call the Mariners the “spoilers” and I’m truly starting to believe that! They swept the Oakland Athletics, won 2 games out of 3 against the Los Angeles Angels, and have won 2 (so far) out of 4 games against the Oakland Athletics and of course hoping for a sweep once again! 

I’m sure most Mariners fans (and some others!) are zoning into……..

ichirodrawing.jpgYes, Ichiro. Although he missed 8 games (which I’m sure made a lot of fans a tiny bit nervous), he’s apparently well on his way to getting 200 hits once again! 9 seasons in a row!

                                           Ichiro hits count:  191


Mariners playing the Athletics for their 3rd game tonight: Anderson (7-10) vs French (4-4)

                                                          Go M’s!