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Ichiro robs Royalty

PowerIcons_FalseAlarm.jpg          Ok so a little bit of a false alarm. I didn’t think I was going to have any easy access to internet let alone from my own laptop but turns out my host has wireless internet and the first thing I thought?

Sweet, I can blog during down-time

So here I am in beautiful Portland, Oregon. I have jetlag of +3 hours so I was wide awake on my vacation at 6:30am. Unfortunate but this gives me time to blog while my host sleeps in so it’s a wonderful thing! :]

I know this is off-topic but my flight from Detroit to Portland was hell. I had a great window-seat exit row but had an extremely obese woman sitting next to me and her muffin top was spilling over the arm-rest and into my seat. Not only that but she kept wanting to look outside the window and mercilessly leaned over me to do so. Couldn’t breathe! Although I’m used to flying 9+ hours on a plane back and forth from Tokyo to Seattle, this flight of a mere 4 hours seemed never ending. I’m sure you guys have had horrible flight experiences. Just thought I’d share.


Back to baseball.

The most amazing thing that happened to me yesterday apart from the fact that I’m back home and spent the whole day with best friends, it was when I was scrolling down the comcast remote and when I selected “MLB Baseball“, it was the Mariners vs Royals game. Wow, how nice is it to be able to watch your favorite team on TV without having to log into GameDay or paying for MLB Extra Innings? Wow I’m going to be so spoiled for the next month. Sounds ridiculous I’m sure. :]

I didn’t watch the entire game; I actually started watching in the top 4th and the Mariners were down by 1. Rowland-Smith was our SP and definitely didn’t do a repeat on his last start where he went hitless for 6 innings. He struggled by giving up 5 runs within the first 4 innings and he was done. As I’ve mentioned before, the Mariners relief pitchers make me extremely nervous but Kelley, Batista and Lowe did a great job. Kelley gave up the 6th run to the Royals but ended up with the win. Aardsma came out to close the game and succeeded despite loading the bases for himself.

He had a little help from Ichiro. He blasted a homerun in the first inning, went 2 for 5 with 3 runs, but the biggest oomf that saved the Mariners was this…….


In the bottom 9th with 2 outs bases loaded, Buck hit a slicing foul ball towards right field, right in the corner where absolutely no one but Ichiro could see. It was quite a long dash for Ichiro but as soon as the ball dropped, we saw a blow of dust and a glove rising from the corner. Ichiro had caught that insanely difficult catch and rescued Aardsma from a blown save. Ichiro isn’t an 8 time Gold Glover for no reason, huh? I wonder if he was on the Web Gems last night? He should’ve! He’s amazing!

We definitely can’t forget the man that gave the Mariners the one run lead which ended up to be the only one we needed.

pBtVv2Ku.jpgRussell Branyan! He’s been in a little slump as of late but turned that around for himself and for the team last night. Branyan hit a line drive between Butler and Callaspo scoring Jack Wilson. Branyan went 2 for 4 with 2 RBIs. Good job, Russ! :]

Kansas%20City%20Royals%2000003.jpgAs far as watching the game (on TV, yay!), it’s always been so fun to watch the Mariners take on the Royals because of all the former Mariners players that they’ve acquired throughout the years.  

Gil Meche*
Yuniesky Betancourt*
Willie Bloomquist*
Jose Guillen
Miguel Olivo 

They were all great players for the Mariners and it’s always so nice to see their smiling faces. Not only that, but Olivo and Yuni both went 2 for 4 last night scoring half the runs that the Royals produced.  

Miss you boys! So much!   


With all that said, I’m happy I managed to write up an entry this morning. Busy day ahead but turns out my friends are having a party for me at Buffalo Wild Wings where they have TVs in every corner, and at 4pm which is exactly when the Mariners start.

Am I completely ridiculous and horrible for thinking that?



*=Missed the most by me. Hehe. ♥


The Unexpected Stars

surprised_baby_2.jpgI have to admit, I was more than surprised with last night’s win against the Toronto Blue Jays for three reasons: 
1. Rowland-Smith. Whaaaaaaat? Didn’t give up a hit till the 7th inning? We haven’t seen him in so long we thought he’d be all rusty and definitely no match for the Roy Halladay but he came through for us! Rowland-Smith gave up 3 hits and 2 ERs before handing the ball over to Lowe, then Aardsma.  
2. Griffey! He went 2 for 4 and his double in the bottom 7th won the game for us. Mariners fans are torn (at least the realistic ones) because we’re so glad he’s back in Seattle but we’re also a little bummed that his batting average is .215. I know, I know, it doesn’t look right when he’s batting anywhere else on the lineup but the cleanup position but we can’t afford to have a .215 batter there. Actually, I’m going to shut up because I’m talking about last night, and last night Griffey was the star. Despite my negative ramblings about him, a part of me adores him and is so glad to see him back. ♥
3. Lopez. He’s been laying low lately…(maybe he’s sad his partner in crime Yuni [Betancourt] s gone?) but he went 3 for 4 with one of them a solo homer.
Now for what wasn’t surprising: 
1. Doc, aka Roy Halladay was that good. Honestly, it was just an honor to even watch him pitch what could have been his last start as a Blue Jay (hopefully not but who knows?). The Mariners had 11 hits but ended up with only 3. That’s good stuff right there. Besides, Halladay just had two bad pitches which most of the time you can get away with, and it’s rarely costly. Unfortunately this time around, it was the latter for Halladay and the M’s definitely got lucky. 
halladay.jpg          “He’s good. They don’t call him Doc Halladay for nothing”- Ken Griffey Jr.  
2. Ichiro went 2 for 4 with 1 run raising his average to an amazing .368. Will he ever stop? I’ve seen Sports Center, FSN and ESPN talk about how “old” he is and how he’ll be slowing down but I don’t see that happening anytime soon, do you?
3. Aardsma. Our closer is having to work a lot lately but he definitely doesn’t show it. He picked up his 25th save out of 27 opportunities. Nice.
All in all, this series against the Blue Jays was one of those series you can be proud of winning. Yes, they’re 4th place in the AL East but that doesn’t translate over to how great their team is. Lots of talented players and such a great skipper. We’ll be looking forward to seeing them again at the end of September!
Trade Talk:
ronny.jpgJust a personal opinion, but I will miss Ronny Cedeno. As far as I know, he was an extremely amiable guy and reading about how he was in tears in the clubhouse after the news came in, makes me want to cry too :[ Sure, he was in a 0-26 slump and this is the baseball business, but his hard-working, positive attitude and huge smile really came across to us M’s fans. Good luck in Pittsburgh Ronny, we’ll miss you!
With all that said, welcome Snell and Wilson! It’s definitely good news that we’ve finally acquired a solid short stop!

5th Time’s the Charm

….for the Mariners anyway!
Last night’s win against the Toronto Blue Jays guaranteed a no sweep. Phew!
In a clutch situation, who should we always have at bat?
Mariner’s own super hero, Ichiro Suzuki.♥
welikeroywelikeroy couldn’t have said it any better, “How did he hit that????”. I have no idea, my jaw just dropped. Who hits that pitch, really?
Unfortunately after a 4 game losing streak with horrible pitching on our part, I decided sleep would be a better choice for me last night rather than staying up after the Blue Jays tied the game in the 8th. Thanks to Baseball Tonight reruns and SeattleMariners.com, I was able to witness that amazing pitch and hit.  
That was an amazing pitch that Scott Downs threw and I’m sure most players wouldn’t have even thought to swing at that. Luck or skill, I have no clue but Ichiro did it once again! What’s surprising though, is that after 9 years of 200+ hits a season, that was his first walk-off hit. For some reason I had expected him to have done it a million times already but apparently it was his first!

8zva8EAz.jpg                                Congrats Ichiro! Omedetou gozaimasu! :]

I can’t forget Washburn though. He did an outstanding job and as Aardsma said in his interview, Washburn probably deserved the win more so than Aardsma. Don’t get me wrong, Aardsma is amazing and quickly becoming one of my favorites but if it weren’t for White blowing the lead, Washburn would have gotten the win. He went 7 full innings with 5 hits and only 1 earned run. His pitching has been superb and I’m not surprised that the Yankees and Brewers are interested in him. He’s expressed how he wants to remain on the team so I’d hate to see him go. :[
I have to hand it to the Blue Jays though. Their clean-up man can hit! Rolen went 3 for 4 with 1 run! Only if our clean-up man can produce that much. Boo. Scutaro and Wells also had a hit and a run each. I also decided that I love their manager Cito Gaston because he just shrugged his shoulders and complimented Ichiro without getting defensive. I ♥ and respect good sportsmanship.
Or, maybe he shrugged his shoulders because he knew he would win the series anyway since Halladay is pitching for him tonight. Hehe. :]

I’m not sure what lineup is for the Mariners tonight but I sure hope all those Newbies are ready for some insane pitching and potential humiliation!
Plus, Rowland-Smith is pitching for the M’s. I haven’t seen him in ages, is he ready for this?
I guess we’ll just have to see!

Wait, what?

Where to start?

How about this:

Friday: 9-0 Indians

Saturday: 10-3 Indians

Sunday: 12-3 Indians.

Not only was I out of town this past weekend, enjoying whatever was left of the adrenaline I had from the Tigers vs Mariners game, but I was kind of in denial of what was happening to the Mariners. Of course I checked mlb.com on my crackberry but not often to say the least.

What the heck happened? Where did all that drive from winning the Tigers series go? Do you guys constantly need me to be your good luck charm?

I guess we are absolutely pathetic, considering we lost to the Indians who are 41-58 with a .414 PCT and 12 games behind in the AL Central. Apparently the Mariners want to be just like them because that’s the direction we’re headed.

Pretty fast too.  

I would name the pitchers that lost those games, but lucky for them, there are too many so I won’t even bother. Sure, the Indians didn’t face our aces but that’s absolutely no excuse for that sort of poor performance.  

Actually let me say something about one of them. Erik Bedard. Going on the DL, AGAIN? Not only has he hurt the Mariners more than helped, after he came from the Orioles, his two digit win seasons has long disappeared and he remains mediocre. Sure, he’ll be gone for 15 days (which is never truly 15 days), he’ll come back and pitch one great game, then pitch a horrendous one the next, and guess what? Right back on the DL. Why they would keep him is beyond me but hey, afterall I’m just a hardcore fan.

What I can barely smirk about in this depressing time is that I was glad Abreu and Wedge got ejected from the game. Jakubauskas beaned Francisco yes, but watching Jakubauskas pitch, anyone could tell he wasn’t doing it on purpose. Let me be the first one to say Jakubauskas (good god his name is long!) was horrible! His balls were going everywhere and had absolutely no control! He gave up 6 runs for godssake, did Abreu really think it was appropriate to hit Hannahan? Couldn’t he just find solace in knowing they swept the Mariners and achieved their goal of getting back at us from a couple weeks ago?



Trade Talk:


There’s been talk about these two as the trading deadline creeps up on us. They’re both free agents after this season and they’re definitely going to be asking for (and deserving of) a better contract. Both of them are having great seasons, Washburn with an ERA of 2.71, one of the more stable pitchers we have, and Branyan is having the best season in his career.

I think we need to keep both of them.

Yes, Washburn is a little unstable at times, but look at our other pitchers! (Except for our mighty King Felix, of course :]).

And as far as Branyan goes; we really didn’t get what we wanted from Griffey batting cleanup, and now that we know Branyan can actually utilize those guns of his…..let’s keep him!


Starting tonight, we have a 3 game series against the Toronto Blue Jays! Wednesday we get to experience the wrath of the Roy Halladay. Aaaaand who do we put forth to compete against him? Rowland-Smith.