About diamondgirl55

In my best friend’s words, I’m a “super
girly baseball freak”. I am in love with the Seattle Mariners
as I have been watching them religiously since I could
remember. I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan and yet I
used to go online faithfully to check the Mariners scores. I
remember attending games at the King Dome but I also remember
how amazing that feeling was when I first walked into Safeco
Field the first season it was open. Upon graduating high
school, I attended Western Washington University and four
years later I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Forensic
Linguistics and Japanese. After college, I moved to Portland,
Oregon and fell in love with that city. However, in the end
of 2009 I moved to Detroit, Michigan where I currently work
in law enforcement. Despite my career choice, I still
preserve my femininity. I wear and carry around a lot of pink
and can’t leave the house without wearing mascara and my
favorite lip gloss. I have to admit I wondered if I would
convert into a Tigers fan but that definitely did not happen.
Although I think the Tigers are an amazing group of players
(and usually better), I can’t let go of my love for the
Mariners. If I were to be born in another life as a MLB
athlete, I would be a catcher mostly because I was a catcher
for my softball team in college. I also taught tennis and hip
hop (dance). I constantly talk about baseball and it
generally bores my girl friends out, sometimes even the guys
:] Maybe that’s why I started mlblogs…just an outlet for
all my MLB love and rage :]


MLB, Seattle Mariners, playing
baseball/softball, going to the batting cage, yet incredibly
girly, shopping, playing/teaching tennis and hip hop, driving
around in my baby with a pink M’s logo, watching WebGems on
SportsCenter, happy hour with friends, using my blinged out
phone, reading, collecting Bobbleheads 🙂 , eating gummy
bears and popcorn, tivo-ing all baseball games that I can’t
watch, actually being a non-tomboy-extreme-girly-girl that
loves to talk about, watch, play baseball and will challenege
your MLB knowledge. Booya.