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5th Time’s the Charm

….for the Mariners anyway!
Last night’s win against the Toronto Blue Jays guaranteed a no sweep. Phew!
In a clutch situation, who should we always have at bat?
Mariner’s own super hero, Ichiro Suzuki.♥
welikeroywelikeroy couldn’t have said it any better, “How did he hit that????”. I have no idea, my jaw just dropped. Who hits that pitch, really?
Unfortunately after a 4 game losing streak with horrible pitching on our part, I decided sleep would be a better choice for me last night rather than staying up after the Blue Jays tied the game in the 8th. Thanks to Baseball Tonight reruns and SeattleMariners.com, I was able to witness that amazing pitch and hit.  
That was an amazing pitch that Scott Downs threw and I’m sure most players wouldn’t have even thought to swing at that. Luck or skill, I have no clue but Ichiro did it once again! What’s surprising though, is that after 9 years of 200+ hits a season, that was his first walk-off hit. For some reason I had expected him to have done it a million times already but apparently it was his first!

8zva8EAz.jpg                                Congrats Ichiro! Omedetou gozaimasu! :]

I can’t forget Washburn though. He did an outstanding job and as Aardsma said in his interview, Washburn probably deserved the win more so than Aardsma. Don’t get me wrong, Aardsma is amazing and quickly becoming one of my favorites but if it weren’t for White blowing the lead, Washburn would have gotten the win. He went 7 full innings with 5 hits and only 1 earned run. His pitching has been superb and I’m not surprised that the Yankees and Brewers are interested in him. He’s expressed how he wants to remain on the team so I’d hate to see him go. :[
I have to hand it to the Blue Jays though. Their clean-up man can hit! Rolen went 3 for 4 with 1 run! Only if our clean-up man can produce that much. Boo. Scutaro and Wells also had a hit and a run each. I also decided that I love their manager Cito Gaston because he just shrugged his shoulders and complimented Ichiro without getting defensive. I ♥ and respect good sportsmanship.
Or, maybe he shrugged his shoulders because he knew he would win the series anyway since Halladay is pitching for him tonight. Hehe. :]

I’m not sure what lineup is for the Mariners tonight but I sure hope all those Newbies are ready for some insane pitching and potential humiliation!
Plus, Rowland-Smith is pitching for the M’s. I haven’t seen him in ages, is he ready for this?
I guess we’ll just have to see!

Bring it on ♥

My Mariners played the Toronto Blue Jays last night and guess what? I’m not surprised or depressed about the 11-4 loss! I almost expected that. Thanks to the Indians, I am immune to the pain in my heart that the Mariners pitchers have been causing me as of late. Oh, and I’m getting a lot more sleep than I’m used to so that’s a good thing. Thanks, boys! [For readers that are not familiar, I live in Detroit at the moment so most M’s games start at 10:05pm for me!]
I knew Felix had to lose sometime soon. When he won the game against the Tigers (when I was there as a good luck charm, of course :] ) it was his 7th consecutive win and it was about time he got rocked. I’m just glad that wasn’t at Comerica Park. Everyone in the clubhouse knows he’s a little cocky (rightfully so) about his skills and the baseball Gods had decided he needs to realize he’s not untouchable. Felix gave up 7 runs in a matter of 5 2/3 innings; his first loss since May 19th. Oof, that hurts.
The relief pitching wasn’t much help either. White came out and gave up 3 runs to the Blue Jays and for some reason, Aardsma (our closer) came out for 1 inning. I’m not entirely convinced as to why he pitched; perhaps since he hasn’t had the chance to come out for the past 3 games but I’d like to think Wakamatsu sent him out so we can get that game over with. It hurt too much. Just finish it off. And Aardsma did just that.
4th high scoring games in a row has to hurt.
It hurts me, that’s for sure! Sob! :[
Toronto was great, though. Scutaro (aww I remember him from the A’s!) went 4 for 5, Barajas went 3 for 5, Inglett and Wells went 2 for 5, Overbay and Barajas had homeruns! 
Almost all off of Felix, too! Our ace! So much respect and a tip of my pink Mariners cap to the Blue Jays. You guys rocked. Very nicely done. :] 
scutaro.jpgThe bright side of all this though (because there’s always a silver lining), is that Ichiro (surprise surprise) went 3 for 5 with 2 runs raising his average to .362 and Gutierrez (who apparently is completely recovered from that painful slam into the CF wall back here in Detroit) went 3 for 5 also, raising his average to .300! Yay!
Needless to say I am not excited for tomorrow’s game when we have to face Roy Halladay. If we don’t want to get swept, we better win tonight!  
 I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that’s congratulated me for being the featured blogger. I didn’t expect all those kind words and it really makes my day! So thank you, you guys are the most awesome bloggers ever!
 [Photos courtesy of MLB.com]