Thanks, Junior.

Oh my god, you guys. The last time I bawled was when my ex-boyfriend and I broke up after a 5 year long relationship back in September. Who would have thought I would do it again for a reason other than death or a break up?

I certainly didn’t.

Man, I cried like a baby last night when news was out that Griffey Jr announced his retirement effective immediately.

Yes, everyone, Junior is now gone.


On my other site I had to be a little more formal but gosh…here I can let it all out. I REALLY need a hug, people!

It broke my heart to hear that he was done after 22 seasons and 630 home runs. Sure, it was time, sure he kind of sucked this season and sure we were trying to be prepared for his retirement at the END of the season.

It came too soon, my heart couldn’t take it.

Seattle’s number 1 trending topic last night on Twitter was #thanksjunior and everyone submitted their memories of Griffey. That also, made me cry.

As if I wasn’t crying enough, Ichiro made it even harder for me to stop.

The Mariners and the Twins were into the 10th inning just 1-1 with men on 1st and 2nd with 2 outs.

Ichiro fouled of 1…2….3….6…9…10 pitches until BAM, single up center field!!


Have I EVER seen Ichiro that jubilant since Japan’s WBC win? No!

Click here to see him jumping onto a team mate in joy!

Anyways, I would like to say thank you to Junior. Thanks for all the outstanding catches. Thanks for the breath-taking homeruns. Thanks for the million smiles you put on fans all over the world; not just in Seattle. Thanks for being a historical icon. 

Thanks for playing the game the right away.





  1. angelsgirl012

    at first i was a little bit surprised because it was sudden. I mean I knew about the whole “sleeping in the clubhouse business” and the fact that he wasn’t exactly doing well but still it was during the middle of the season! So abrupt. Then at one point I realized that he wasn’t going to be playing anymore and I got very very sad.

    Sad that such a great person was not going to be in the game anymore. However I thank him for all he has done. 🙂

    We love Griffey!

  2. raysrenegade

    I got to meet Ken Griffey Jr. a week before his announcement. I had been a true fans of his from his early days in a Seattle uniform, to his return to the town of his birth, and on that day, his last visit to Tropicana Field as a player.
    It was May 14th, and my birthday, and a friend who works with the Rays got me a few seconds with “the Kid”.
    We talked for five minutes and before I made sure to thank him for a generation of great memories.
    He smiled that great smile , grabbed a ball off the dugout floor and signed it, then threw it to me.
    Last thing he sadi was “Good talk..”.

    Rays Renegade

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