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Major League Studlies ♥

Now that I’m done moving out of my apartment for the most part (I’m living with my boyfriend till this weekend when I really leave Michigan for good), and Ichiro has reached his 200+ hit and all that the Mariners are doing now are playing the spoiler role (really well, if I say so myself), there’s so much wiggle room in my personal life and topics I can write on. 
Then I remembered a guy commenting on one of my first entries ever. With the support of other bloggers (you know who you are), he was reported and blocked from commenting on any MLBlog ever from that point on…but anyway, I was thinking about what he had said. He was talking about (all in capslock) how I was writing this blog to get male attention, how I didn’t know smack about baseball, how females should never talk about baseball because we’ll never understand it as well as males do, how females only love baseball because of the tight uniforms and the players….

….and so I dedicate this entry to that guy.  

n1297590026_30028172_284_thumb.jpgI think it’s ridiculous that he thinks I can’t talk baseball, but mostly because he was such a sexist oink-oink. Sure, the ratio of men to women that can straight talk baseball or fill in a score-card properly is unbalanced but look at this blogosphere, what a great example! There are a lot of ladies that write fantastic blogs that can talk baseball for days and discuss stats with the best of ’em. ilove_thumb.jpg

Another thing. I don’t think it’s unprofessional at all that the ladies like what they’re looking at. Puh-lease! You can’t tell me that guys watch beach volleyball or football or basketball or tennis without checking out the athletes or the cheerleaders! So for anyone to tell me that I can’t appreciate eye-candy when I see one? Boy, just build a bridge and get over it because I see it as just another way to appreciate the game of baseball aside from the stats, competition and pride for your team.

th_baseball_thumb.jpgAnd last but not least? Trust me when I say I don’t watch 160-something games or learn the athletes names or keep up with stats or waste money on over-priced garlic fries and stadium seats just for male attention. You know why I say that? It’s because I’ve actually scared more than a few guys off with my baseball knowledge. Correct me if I’m wrong but that’s definitely not attracting male attention.

So that’s all the ranting from me…and now on to the good stuff (that’ll make that guy want to jump off a cliff). This is a compilation (in no specific order) of what I call : “My FHH List” [FHH=Future Husband Hopefuls]

1. David Wright (New York Mets)


2. Gil Meche (Kansas City Royals)


3. Russell Branyan (Seattle Mariners)


4. Jack Hannahan (Seattle Mariners)


5. J.J Hardy (Milwaukee Brewers)

img8376e2f0zikazj.jpg                                                    That is all….for now ♥




Royalty Unswept

After losing our last series to Texas, I was optimistic about facing the Royals. Not only because they have the worst record in the American League but the Mariners generally have done well against them. As I wrote in my last entry, the first game went well. Too close for comfort, but well.

It’s been two games since then and I’d much rather talk about the second game of the series :]

The results were:

8/5: 11-6 Mariners

8/6: 2-8 Royals

Let’s start with 8/5:


Our second game against the Royals was a batting clinic game that was much needed for the Mariners. We haven’t scored 2 digits in so long yet we’ve lost by 2 digits plenty of times in the last couple weeks. So that night felt good for us Mariners fans.

It must have felt great too for the new member of our family, Luke French. It was his debut as a Mariner after being acquired from the Tigers for the Jarrod Washburn trade.

I admit, he wasn’t exactly superb (5 innings, 4 ER and 2 SO) but the combination of Royals SP Davies horrible night (8 ERs in 3 IP) and his new teammates helping him out, French was able to earn his first comfortable win as a Mariner. Congrats and welcome Luke!

As far as offense, it’s one of those games where everyone contributed and each person on the lineup had at least one hit. Our first 3 men in the lineup did an outstanding job each batting at least 2 hits (Branyan had 3), Branyan and Lopez with 3 RBIs each, Ichiro with 2 runs and 1 RBI.

By the end of the night, the Mariners had 16 hits and reached a season high in runs.

Mmmm….felt so warm and fuzzy inside watching (forcing them to watch) that game with my girlfriends (that had no clue about what was going on) under the blankets drinking a bottle of Apricot Ale.

If only that carried over to the next night……  



…the warm and fuzzy part actually did carry over. Apart from the fact that the Mariners had to put away our brooms pretty much after the 1st inning, it was a memorable night for our Mike Sweeney.

Sweeney, a former and long-time Royal hit his 100th career homerun in Kauffman Stadium that night in front of all his former and current teammates and fans.

How memorable is that? It really pulled me aside from being livid with Vargas.

I’m a crazy ball of emotional and almost cried when the Royals fans gave him a standing ovation.

Awwwwww, warm and fuzzy. ♥

We lost 2-8 yes, and it was rather disturbing because Chen was 0-6 with a 5.28 ERA and I think we all assumed we would be alright. True, Vargas was not all that much better with a 3-5 record with a 5.08 ERA but it was slightly better.

Another Mariner that deserves special mention is Adrian Beltre. It was his second game after returning from the DL and he went 4 for 4 scoring the other run of the game. If only the rest of the team could have helped him out!

Of course it would have been nice to sweep the Royals, but it was a great series all-in-all. 

Our next series is against the much anticipated (personally) Tampa Bay Rays! We’re putting Felix (12-4) out on the line today against Niemann (10-5).

tampabayrays.jpg                   I’m upset I won’t be able to make it up there to sit right by third base :]


 On a non-Mariners note, I was glad to see Brad Thompson suspended for three games and fined for throwing a pitch near New York Mets 3rd baseman David Wright’s head.

“Major League Baseball vice president Bob Watson said Thursday the pitch in the sixth inning a day earlier was intentionally aimed near Wright’s head. It came one inning after the Mets’ Nelson Figueroa hit Cardinals star Albert Pujols near his elbow, loading the bases.

The suspension had been set to start Friday, when the Cardinals play at Pittsburgh, but the players’ association appealed and any penalty will be delayed until after the disciplinary process.” -ESPN

St+Louis+Cardinals+v+New+York+Mets+wBIQ0p5EX4Zl.jpg This is a picture of David Wright getting beaned against the St.Louis Cardinals in late June 2009. Poor David, please stop trying to ruin his pretty, pretty face.




My Ruminations on the All-Star Game

You know what I forgot?

That it takes 1 frickin’ hour for the game to actually start. 

We had this:


And that:


And this (I really, don’t care much for Sheryl Crow but I understand she’s from MO):


“All-Star Game 2009 starts at 8PM EST”

Yea right.


Anyway, admittedly I was a little nervous this year since the NL team had some amazing players but…….

……..AL WON!

…………………..aaaaaaaaagain!  ♥

Mostly thanks to this guy:


If it weren’t for him, we probably have gone into extra innings. Or worse! AL might have lost!


These guys:


Ultimately, both of their performances were extremely questionable. Understandably no one gives it their all at the All-Star Game but really? It seemed like Lincecum was a lot more disappointing though.

First this:


 (Mariners represeeeeeeent ♥ Felix too! Oh and skipper Wakamatsu!)

And then Lincecum HIT DEREK JETER! What the FRICK?!

Alas, this was what he got for doing that:



As much as I dislike the Yankees, Jeter has always been an exception since he’s absolutely legendary (plus him and Ichiro are always, always on my fantasy team). So Lincecum frickin’ ticked me off when he did that.

Hey Lincecum, maybe if you cut your hair you can see where you’re throwing?


I’m glad Crawford got the MVP, it was definitely deserved. Although, if I could give a runner-up MVP I would give it to Curtis Granderson. His triple really hyped up the whole game. Plus, me being in Detroit right now, it’s nice to know the home-team All-Stars made a difference…. just like Inge did in the Home Run Derby.


My NL MVP would be David Wright. He did get a hit and a run, but mostly because (this is where the girly girl in me comes out) he’s so damn nice to look at. Even his horribly read Disney movie G-Force commercial was adorable. He’s the only person in this world that can say “holla!” and not sound like an idiot ♥.



That was a fun All-Star game! Although as a Mariners fan, I’m gonna have to say the All-Star Game in SF was a lot better. :]

I cannot believe baseball season is already half over, how depressing :[

It’s ok though, it’s time to get ready for the 2nd half and crossing my fingers that the M’s do some damage in the AL WEST!




Photos courtesy of CBS.com