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Go Team AL!

02_mlb_all_star.jpgSo my hair appointment went great and I got home just in time for the Derby! :]

Congrats to Prince Fielder!

He was my top contestant to win the Derby so that was pretty exciting…

…but for some reason it wasn’t as amazing as I remember it. Is it just me?

Or is it because Hamilton had that amazing feat last year?  

I didn’t stay up to watch the celebrity game; it doesn’t interest me to watch celebrities play baseball, plus it was bed-time for this girl.

Today I have no plans after work other than hitting the gym so I’ll be free and ready to watch my favorite baseball event (second to Opening Day…..and of course the WS if the Mariners were in it :] )!

Go AL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


On a non-festive note, did everyone hear about Billy Koch (or even remember him?)?

The former Toronto pitcher got arrested in Florida a couple nights ago for criminal mischief and battery!

Apparently him and his wife were confronting their neighbors over an issue with his step-child. Koch swung at his neighbor and punched his lips while his neighbor tried to defend himself with a baseball bat…..which Koch took and used it to pull some damage on that neighbor’s car.

I guess he has already bonded out of jail, but sheesh! The weird thing is, this happened at 2am? Who confronts their neighbors at 2am?

I used to have him on my fantasy team and I’ve actually wondered where he disappeared to.