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My Ruminations on the All-Star Game

You know what I forgot?

That it takes 1 frickin’ hour for the game to actually start. 

We had this:


And that:


And this (I really, don’t care much for Sheryl Crow but I understand she’s from MO):


“All-Star Game 2009 starts at 8PM EST”

Yea right.


Anyway, admittedly I was a little nervous this year since the NL team had some amazing players but…….

……..AL WON!

…………………..aaaaaaaaagain!  ♥

Mostly thanks to this guy:


If it weren’t for him, we probably have gone into extra innings. Or worse! AL might have lost!


These guys:


Ultimately, both of their performances were extremely questionable. Understandably no one gives it their all at the All-Star Game but really? It seemed like Lincecum was a lot more disappointing though.

First this:


 (Mariners represeeeeeeent ♥ Felix too! Oh and skipper Wakamatsu!)

And then Lincecum HIT DEREK JETER! What the FRICK?!

Alas, this was what he got for doing that:



As much as I dislike the Yankees, Jeter has always been an exception since he’s absolutely legendary (plus him and Ichiro are always, always on my fantasy team). So Lincecum frickin’ ticked me off when he did that.

Hey Lincecum, maybe if you cut your hair you can see where you’re throwing?


I’m glad Crawford got the MVP, it was definitely deserved. Although, if I could give a runner-up MVP I would give it to Curtis Granderson. His triple really hyped up the whole game. Plus, me being in Detroit right now, it’s nice to know the home-team All-Stars made a difference…. just like Inge did in the Home Run Derby.


My NL MVP would be David Wright. He did get a hit and a run, but mostly because (this is where the girly girl in me comes out) he’s so damn nice to look at. Even his horribly read Disney movie G-Force commercial was adorable. He’s the only person in this world that can say “holla!” and not sound like an idiot ♥.



That was a fun All-Star game! Although as a Mariners fan, I’m gonna have to say the All-Star Game in SF was a lot better. :]

I cannot believe baseball season is already half over, how depressing :[

It’s ok though, it’s time to get ready for the 2nd half and crossing my fingers that the M’s do some damage in the AL WEST!




Photos courtesy of CBS.com