My First Game of 2010 ♥

I know that there’s a lot baseball going on but just for a few seconds, I want you to rewind back to last Friday and place yourself with me in beautiful Seattle, Washington.

DG has finally taken on Safeco Field for the first time in 2010. The phrase, “a kid in a candy store” comes to mind when I think of that fluttering feeling I got when I walked up those stairs from the CF entrance at Safeco with a Ken Griffey Jr “The Kid” bobblehead held tightly against my heart. I’m sure I looked like a freak as I just stood there in awe with a dumb smile on my face. How can one place make you feel so at home and content not mattering how many times you go there? That’s Safeco Field for me.

Safeco Field, will you make a studio apartment for me in one of your suites? Thank you ♥.

DetroitTigers.jpgThis day was exciting, nerve-wrecking, bittersweet, all at once. It was exciting because I was finally going to a Mariners game. because I was able to reunite with a dear friend from my college days that I haven’t seen in a few years and because I was going to get a Griffey Jr bobblehead. It was nerve-wrecking because the drive to Safeco Field is a bee-ai-tee-see-eich on gameday, because I was scared I won’t make it in time to get a bobblehead, and because the Mariners were facing Bonderman was pitching (he had an 1.80 ERA from his last start). It was bittersweet because the visiting team was the Tigers and most of you know I used to live there and am overcoming a break up of which my former other half is still in Michigan.


After Kaylee and I got our bobbleheads, we headed to the Team large_moose1.jpgStore where we purchased matching hoodies and Mariners headphones (I know, ridiculous). We strolled around the park, taking all the beauty of it in until we realized that the Mariners Moose was taking photos! We joined the lines with all the other 10 year olds because we have no shame. The moose was so furry and friendly; love him! Post Moose loving, we got our signature garlic fries and whole lemon lemonade and headed up to our seats.

Section 184.

DSCN1757.JPGThe LF Bleachers is by far my favorite place to sit. Sure, when my parents are in town and they’re willing to cough up $100 per person I like to sit elsewhere, but since that wasn’t happening on Friday, we sat in the 180’s area. It’s right above the bullpen which is nice because if a great pitcher from the visiting team was practicing, I can potentially accidentaly drop something on his head?

Ok, no. I’m not that mean.

If by any chance you (yes, you) were sitting in section 184 on Friday night, I have a message for you guys at the end of this entry.

I know this is quite the fast-forwarding but the Mariners won 11-2 against the Tigers that night. It’s kind of hard to write an entry about a game when a team scores that much. He did this, he did that, then he stole this and then that….

Let’s just say that everyone contributed one way or another to the 11, King Felix finally got his first well-deserved win and let the pictures do the talking,….

25410_429549592305_828782305_5442922_2760749_n.jpg                            Kaylee and I rejoicing right after we got our bobbelheads!

25410_429549607305_828782305_5442925_1649396_n.jpg                                          Welcome to Safeco Field! YAY!

25410_429549652305_828782305_5442933_395907_n.jpg                                            Felix warming up in the bullpen!

25410_429549662305_828782305_5442935_85192_n.jpg                             It was Jackie Robinson Day! Everyone was wearing #42 🙂

IMG00328.jpg                        YES, this is the Griffey Jr bobblehead! Are you jealous?


                         Ah, the (in?)famous Garlic Fries and whole lemon lemonade.

IMG00332.jpg                       Look how happy Kaylee looks with her Shishkaberries! 🙂


                               Happy to be reunited and with the bobblehead!

25410_429549807305_828782305_5442958_8199163_n.jpg                                     Yes, we scored ELEVEN on the little kittehs.

25410_429549817305_828782305_5442959_3717745_n.jpg       Oh, you talented person, you. Oh, and his picture was the only decent looking picture.

25410_429549762305_828782305_5442952_219444_n.jpg       I LOVE it when they do their little dance routine! Do they do this at other parks too?


                                  What’s a reunion without a goofy picture?

DSCN1763.JPG                                                     Must I explain?

If you can’t tell from the pictures, the game was amazing. Did it cost me a fortune to eat at Safeco? Yes. Did it cost me an arm and a leg to park anywhere near Safeco? Yes. Did it take me 1.5 hours just to get out of the vicinity of 1st Ave? Yes. Did I get home at 1:30AM just to have the alarm blast in my ear at 7:00AM? Yes.

But does any of that matter?


I’m a slave to the game of baseball, everyone! ♥


….till next time. 🙂


Dear Section 184 from 04/16/10:

A big thank you. I always tend to have the worst luck and have some d-bag (or multiple) sitting around me that makes the game a little less enjoyable but I can honestly say that last night the crowd was great. Who knows if any 184-ers are reading this? I’m just taking a shot and thanking you. The kids were well behaved and the adults surrounding us were enthusiatic yet not overboard. The four guys behind us were making the most hilarious comments and I also enjoyed that a lot. I figured it would be more than creepy to turn around and say, “Hey you guys were real funny, thanks!”. Plus, our section started the extremely successful wave at Safeco! HOLLERRRRRR! 🙂



[[Some pictures courtsey of Kaylee Engels aka my Mariners partner in crime]  



  1. houndcat08


    Your love for Ichiro Suzuki is well justified, but Garlic Fries on a date? How could Kaylee get so close to you in those pictures? Either she loves her some garlic or your personal magnetism is such that she is drawn to you as an Italian moth is to garlic fries. Probably the latter. Go easy on her with the garlic fries already. Even True Love *has* bounds, it’s not true what they say.

    BTW: wTF is a “shiskaberry”? Or was that a typo? They look like shitskaberries. Or some kind of recently used kinky sex toy. Yecccch!

    Oh well my work is done here, spreading Joy wherever I roam!

    When the Mariners meet the Red Sox we’ll see whether or not Atlantic Oysters and East Coast Pizza beat shitskaberries and Garlic Fries… or not!!



  2. Jane Heller

    Wow. Looks like you had a great time at Safeco! Not only did the Mariners win (11 runs!) but those garlic fries must have been pretty tasty. As for the grounds crew dancing, I guess it happens at a lot of places now. The Yankees grounds crew has been dancing to “WMCA” for years. One of these days I need to pay Safeco a visit. It looks like a beautiful place to watch a ball game.

  3. nao

    Thanks for checking my blog, and thanks for the sparkling pictures full of excitement of the great game! This game proved that a team can get two-digit runs even without any home run. Three million cheers to Mariners!

  4. rrrt

    Pay no attention to the first commenter, I think the shiskaberries look wonderful and full of chocolate! Too bad Seattle is clear across the country from me. But, I will have to get there sooner or later to complete my stadium quest. Let’s hope they’re still serving shiskaberries by then!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  5. Jonah

    Great shots of the game – and it’s always better when the home team wins it while you’re there! I must pay Safeco a visit when the Blue Jays (expansion brothers – or is it cousins) go there this year. I’m thinking of taking my brother (who lives up in Vancouver) to check it out. My parents went to Safeco a few years ago and brought me back Ichiro and Boone t-shirts.

    In Toronto, the grounds crew here claim to be the “world’s fastest”. They sprint like champions from the left field corner to the bases and back in the span of two minutes. It’s amusing to watch for sure.

  6. raysfanboy

    The Rays guys used to dance to the Jimmy Buffett song, “Fins,” when they cleaned up the field. They don’t do it anymore. I really miss it. It was one of my favorite parts of the game. I have to admit, the lemonade sounds pretty darn good and the seats sound great. Glad you had a good time.

  7. mattpeas

    nothing like good friends, a Griffey bobblehead and strawberries on a stick (i guess) to make a great day. good to see you back at the ballpark with your stories. theyre great to hear. i was able to hit Jackie Robinson Day in Pittsburgh. great day and great pride

  8. angelsgirl012

    yuuuum garlic fries 🙂 and those Shishkaberries look so yummy! I want to go to a game now! I still haven’t gone 😦 Boo!

    Angels stadium is so beautiful too.. i really want to go 😛 I want to go to Safeco too it looks so stunning

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