MLB goes PINK ♥

mlb_logo.jpgThis is news for my fellow female fans or for male fans that want a reason to impress their ladies in their lives!

USA Today posted yesterday with news that MLB is finally partnering with Victoria’s Secret’s PINK line.

Yes. Finally.

pinkvc.jpgPINK has gone nationwide with their collegiate collection and it was only a matter of time that they were going to team up with a professional athletic organization. Similar to PINK’s collegiate collection, 11 MLB clubs will have t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, even hats and jerseys ranging from $19.99 to $58.00.

What better sport to do that with than baseball?

Can I just say that I am beyond ecstatic about this? I have been waiting for this day to come and was hoping it would be before I got too old to wear PINK products.  

victoriasx-large.jpgNow all you Yankees, Red Sox, Cardinals, Twins, Cubs and Angels fans can be confident that you’ll be able to have your hands on some adorable PINK/MLB goodies starting this Tuesday.

As for myself and the rest of the baseball organizations…well, let’s just hope, pray and cross our fingers (and our toes!) that our teams are the remaining 5 teams that will be participating in MLB’s attempt to increase the female fan base.

Needless to say, I’m going to be absolutely devastated if the Pacific Northwest doesn’t get the Mariners line in our stores tomorrow.

Come on, now. I didn’t even get to buy the collegiate collection since I wasn’t a Husky, Cougar, Beaver or a Duck.

At least let me wear the adorable PINK clothing in navy, green, M’s logo, crystals and glitter?

Pretty please?


                                        [Tshirt photo courtsey of USA Today]

On a side note….gosh, I have been horrible with updating this blog. I can’t believe I went two months without anything! Believe me, I thought about blogging a lot more often that I actually did this off-season. This post and the gorgeous weather is a good sign though, baseball season is back sooooooooooon 




  1. ohy22xd

    Welsome back! We missed you and glad to see that this blog is updated 🙂
    Awesome entry as usual. This is perfect for female baseball fans like ourselves. I love PINK and I hope the Padres are one of the 11 teams who are going to be a part of this. Heck, I hope all 30 teams are going to do this! Be proud of wearing pink and glitter ’cause you rock.

  2. raysrenegade

    Got to admit, as a single guy knowing I can go into Victoria’s Secret now on a true girlfriend baseball wardrobe mission without looking creepy to the female sales clerks is a big thing.
    Seriously, I am not trying to be glib here, but it is great that someone in the clothing industry is expanding the MLB options besides the small selection we always found in our local MLB Team Shop.
    It has been a long time coming because some of those T-shirts and outfits offered in the TEam Stores is not flattering at all on anyone much less a cute woman.
    Bravo to VS and MLB to partnering and making all of us guys proud we can get our significant others and friends great baseball-related clothing that accents them more than a printed white T-shirt.

    Rays Renegade

  3. angelsgirl012

    this looks adorable!!!!! Although at first i thought it was just a market for girls who just want baseball clothes to look appealing to everyone else (you know those girls who wear stuff w/o being a fan..) but then i looked at the clothes and went ” i can picture myself wearing this”! I love Alyssa Milano’s Touch line and how she’s a HUGE baseball fan. She was angry at the fact that the only options for women were pink and so she made her own line which i love but it’s too expensive! I can’t wait to get some of my own from Victoria Secret!

    Thanks Deena 😀

    p.s. it’s lame that they don’t have all 30 teams! Boo!!!

  4. angelsgirl012

    gahh they look so cute! At first i didn’t really like them because i thought it went a little mainstream but realized that they are really cute and i can actually express my love for my team in a different style 😉 Alyssa Milano’s clothes for women are adorable too! A tad expensive for my taste but glad that there isn’t a tint of pink anywhere! She too is a big baseball fan 😀

    They should do it for all 30 teams! It’s not fair 😦 Hope the M’s are a part of it Deena!

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