Dear Santa…♥

Dear Santa,

world_series_trophy_2.jpgSince I’ve been a lot more nice than naughty this whole year, here’s a list of everything I want.
First of all, it’s pretty obvious but I would absolutely adore for the Mariners to at least be crowned AL West Champions but why stop there, right?

I want the Mariners to win the WORLD SERIES.

Yes, I said it.

I want the Mariners to win their first World Series Championship ever. Seriously though, with Ichiro, Felix, Wilson and our newest additions Figgins and Lee?

Come on, now. This would be the year to win it, if ever!

Santa, the Mariners obviously have what it takes, so will you please supply them with that extra push? 

I also would love love looooove this pictured player to join the Mariners.

Are the chances slim?


………………..yes, but that’s why I’m asking you, Santa!

How perfect would he be in our very empty left field?

Perfect would be an understatement. If we can get Bay in the Mariners, pssshh, I probably don’t even have to ask Santa for a World Series championship!

On a side note, isn’t this picture funny? A major leaguer life guard? Sounds good to me ♥




No injuries.

For any Mariner.

Must I elaborate?








troopsribbon_thumb.jpgBut….my biggest and most important delivery I need from you, Santa, is for you to enlarge your sleigh, recruit some more reindeers, pile all the U.S soldiers that are overseas and bring them back home safe and sound. 

That may take a few trips but I hear you deliver presents all across the world overnight. :]




Hopefully that’s not too much to ask…

….what? I’ve been naughty this year?





  1. angelsgirl012

    Don’t you already have enough? 😉 😉 As an angel fan I think Seattle sure is getting ready to beat us up real bad next season lol! Its okay though I enjoy competition. However I don’t know if the Angels are gonna do THAT well next year but we’ll see! As a newbie blogger one of the first blogs I followed other than baseball players or professionals was you! I think you’re totally awesome cuz you’re female and you are asian which are two things we both have in common! I can relate! Happy Holidays!


  2. blogmastertmas805

    cool blog there but the yanks are getting better as we speak hate it to this coming from a phillies fan but keep wishing i hope u make it to the WS but to face the Phillies where we will win lol great blog u should check out mine

  3. mattpeas

    getting Jay-Bay would be awesome for the Ms. Theyre already stacked as it is! Plus I would love to see him up there to give me even MORE reason to cheer for you guys!

    Merry Christmas to you and I hope Santa brings you these baseball wishes

  4. fryingpan

    Ok, so Cliff Lee, Felix Hernandez, Ichiro, Chone Figgins, AND Jason Bay. I don’t think you even need Santa’s help to win the AL West. Not that it isn’t tough, though, so good luck with keeping the hard offseason work going, you guys are on the right pace for sure.

    Happy Holidays,

  5. raysrenegade

    I like the way you think.
    I truly think the M’s have the pieces in place to fight long and hard for a American League West title…and then the party really begins.
    People who know me knows that Seattle’s Safeco Field is my favorite stadium from the sightlines to the bat sculpture in the enterance foyer, to the players action photos on the rolling doors.
    Only hate one thing about the entire city…..They hate jaywalkers (lol).
    Yes, I got stopped, but they were very nice and saw I stepped off and then back on when I saw the light was still red. The person next to me tried to beat the red to green light.
    Actually, I am hungry right now for some Italian food from Buco de Beppo.

    Rays Renegade

  6. greg1969

    It would be VERY interesting if J-Bay were to join the M’s, esp. since he’d be relatively close to his home. Maybe you’ll get him, esp. if he continues to reject our Red Sox contract offer. I can’t see him signing with the Mets.

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