Recipe for a Home Cooked Extra Inning Victory

1. A rookie catcher that can remain in the game for 14 innings and catch 213 pitches.

2. A struggling starting pitcher that is newly back from AAA.

3. 7 relief pitchers that can hold the White Sox down.

4. 1 homer in the bottom 7th for joy.

5. 1 homer in the bottom 9th (0 outs) for hope.

6. 1 homer in the bottom 9th (2 outs) for a tie.

7. 14th innings worth of time.

8. A ‘single’ drop of Ichiro.

9. A sprinkle of quick feet.


1. The Mariners had their newbie catcher, Moore, making his Major League Debut after getting called up from AAA Tacoma. He didn’t drop one ball and caught all 14 innings and an unbelievable 213 pitches.

2. The Mariners starter Brandon Morrow had much proving to do to Wakamatsu, his teammates and fans after becoming a little bit of a let down earlier this season; thus getting sent to AAA Tacoma for a while. Considering the great line up of the White Sox, I think Morrow did alright. Went 5 and 2/3 innings giving up 6 hits and 3 earned runs.

3. Not only did newbie Moore catch the whole game, he was basically introduced to 8 Mariners pitchers in total. After Morrow, 7 relief pitchers came out to throw an outstanding 8 innings while the Mariners offense tried to conjure up some runs.

4. A home run from Beltre in the bottom 7th gave fans at the game some joy knowing at least the Mariners scored once even if they did lose (because we all know that as much as we love our home team, when we’re at a game, we’d like to see them score…someone! Anyone!).

5. After a quiet 8th inning and praying for a miracle, Lopez hits his 24th home run with 0 outs against White Sox pitcher Bobby Jenks.  

6. 1 out….2 outs….a few fans starting to pack up…until Hall comes out to hit a game tying home run!

7. Awesome! Extra innings! Maybe 10…maybe even 11 innings? Yeeeeaaah, no. The White Sox and Mariners decided to pitch it out for 14 innings. Thank goodness the game started early yesterday or else lil’ ole me couldn’t have witnessed the victory here in Mo-Town!

8. Bottom of the 14th, Langerhans hits a single against the soon-to-be losing pitcher Linebrink who beans Johjima (Joh gets beaned a lot..I think he actually held a record there for a while.). 2 men on base and our future Hall of Famer comes up to base. *Drum rolls please*. Ichiro hits a line drive single between CF and RF just enough for Langerhans to score the winning run.

9. Oh, and the quick feet? You need quick feet because if you don’t, you can’t chase after a grinning Ichiro as he runs away from his teammates. It’s true.  


Don’t believe me? Click Here! It’s pretty comical, actually.

There you go, a perfect recipe for a home cooked Extra Inning Victory.






  1. heartruss

    I love Ichiro. I saw the Mariners web site for the first time. I definitely have to add it to my favorites. I love the fact that Ichiro is all over it!!! The video was so funny. So Japanese!! Thanks for sharing it. It certainly made my day.
    I have to say seeing Ichiro in person actually gave me goose bumps.

  2. TribeTed

    Love the fan-dom and nice post!!

    Love the title.

    and that is just how it broke down haah. 😉

    Seems like the Indians can never catch a break like that,

    always stumbling to their losses.\\

    Hopefully contending will come.

    Ichiro is a great guy I love em.

    He is a wonderful player and maginificent person.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Ted’s Take

  3. crzblue2

    Very well done post and I love the old fashion picture you used. I’ve been wanting to ask how do you all give a name to a link? I am glad I got to see Ichiro-san at Dodger Stadium. I was having fun watching this Japanese teenager the way she was acting everytime Ichiro-san came to bat. She was of course wearing an Ichiro-san jersey. I took a picture of her and posted them back in March in my World Baseball posts. I am glad I got to attend those games. They were a lot of fun.

  4. southernbelle

    Hi! Nice post. Nice win for the Mariners. Last night annoyed me a bit, I have to say. Mariano was so good, and then the double, and Ichiro. That Ichiro. He is so amazing. My Yanks got a taste of their own medicine last night, they fell victim to Seattle’s walkoff. It was a good game, although the results bothered me. Ahh, well. My boys will get your boys today. I hope 🙂
    I like your blog. We have a lot in common. Two pretty girls who can talk baseball forever, if anyone would listen. 🙂

  5. devilabrit

    probably out of the post season hunt now, but have had some good wins the last week and get the chance to continue to beat up on the Yankees this weekend, it’s good when a player like Ichiro gets the walk off….
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

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