M’s sign Dustin Ackley

ackley.jpgToday the Mariners announced the signing of Dustin Ackley, our 1st pick (2nd overall) this year.

Ackley signed a 5 year Major League contract and will be headed here to the Emerald City next season bleeding navy and green. Financial information was not disclosed due to club policy.

Post surgery on his right elbow, Ackley has primarily been playing first base at the University of North Carolina. Apparently he has experience playing OF also.

I realize that most players that are drafted do not play their first year but assuming Ackley does, I wonder which position he’d be taking.

I’m going to go ahead and say LF, partially because we’ve been alternating our newbies to play that position but mostly because I can’t see him replacing Russell Branyan. I adore him too much.


                           I know, I know. If only he would stop striking out so much.

                                 Either way, WELCOME TO THE CLUB DUSTIN!  


On a personal note, the reason of my inactivity is due to the fact that I am indeed still on vacation and have little to no access to the internet where I’m staying. Oh Grandpa…maybe I should start teaching you how to use the computer.




  1. raysfanboy

    At least you got one of your top picks. We werne’t able to sign either of our top 2! What is up with that!? That’s going to hurt in the future. Oh well, we have lots of young guys. Hopefully what we have is better than what we lost!

  2. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    Nice job on the siging of Ackley. He should be a great player in the future for you guys so it’s good you ended up getting him.
    And by the way, thanks to the M’s for at least beating the Yankees once. Every win (or maybe loss in this case!) matters.
    Enjoy your vacation!


  3. welikeroywelikeroy

    I’m going through the same with my blog. Not that I haven’t been near a computer, it is just that my job is kicking my but-t right now.

    From what I hear, Ackley is probably the most ‘big league ready’ hitter in the draft. He projects to be a .300 hitter, at least. I’m glad the M’s got a high pick. The Jays need to finish near the bottom some more years. We never pick any higher than 7th. I should watch what I wish for.


  4. thewayicit

    Thats great for the Mariner franchise, hopefully things will be looking up for you guys in Seattle!


  5. Elizabeth D

    I love the blog!! Looks like the Mariners made a smart signing. Like you said, draft picks normally don’t play their first season, but you should make him a project and watch him prosper in the minors! It’s so fun to watch players like that rise.

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