I can’t believe I’ve been so m.i.a in the past week. I’m constantly thinking about when and what I can blog about but I haven’t been able to even get an hour to myself. My trip to Portland, Oregon has unfortunately come to an end, but I took the Amtrak yesterday….


and hauled my butt to…….


where the…….



 are playing the…..



…and so far, we have won the first game. Go Mariners! Johjima and Branyan both hit homeruns last night and lifted the Mariners. I feel sorry for French that he got a no decision but he’ll get more wins to come :]

See! I have to go now again, I can’t wait to have some real time to write decent blogs again. Sorry, so lame!

Oh, but I’m going to the Mariners vs White Sox game tomorrow night with my best friend so I’ll have some amazing Safeco Field pictures!





  1. matttan7

    Seattle must be fun to be in for a vacation. By railroad with Amtrak, that’s my favorite way to get there. Railroads are my favorite way to get around instead of a plane.

    Nice entry by the way. Have a fun and safe trip!

    Matthew Tang

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