Be careful what you wish for….

olson.jpgSo I totally take back what I said a few entries ago. All I wanted was Brandon-should-go-to-Tacoma-toMorrow to be placed with the RPs instead of Olson when they were looking to kick someone out of the SP line up when Bedard was back. 

God I take that back!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night Olson was chased out of the game after a mere 2 2/3 innings by the Cleveland Indians. He gave up 3 runs out of 4 that were scored. Surprisingly our RPs were pretty good last night but Cliff Lee was better than all of our pitchers combined. The only person that was able to feast on Lee’s pitches were Johjima (yay Joh’s back! :]) who went 3-4. No one was able to help that poor man! 

Who has 9 hits and only scores 1 run? 

………the Mariners…….


What good thing can I possibly say about the Mariners at this point in time? 

..uuuum, Ichiro is well on his way to hitting 200 hits again this year? 

Yeah that works

Crossing my fingers for better results tonight, M’s! 





  1. indianslove

    Aww, it takes a real winner to congratulate the team that beat you, so I also give YOU kudos for that!! 🙂 I cant say that I want the Mariners to win, I would be lieing also if I said that. :} So, good luck! -TC

  2. raysfanboy

    I wish the M’s would figure out what they want to do with Morrow. He is so talented! It seems a shame that they shuttle him from the rotation to the closer role to the rotation to the minors. Give the guy a chance to establish himself!

    He is going to be good. I guess it’ll just matter how long it takes him to find a team with patience. I hope it’s the Mariners!

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