My Ruminations on the All-Star Game

You know what I forgot?

That it takes 1 frickin’ hour for the game to actually start. 

We had this:


And that:


And this (I really, don’t care much for Sheryl Crow but I understand she’s from MO):


“All-Star Game 2009 starts at 8PM EST”

Yea right.


Anyway, admittedly I was a little nervous this year since the NL team had some amazing players but…….

……..AL WON!

…………………..aaaaaaaaagain!  ♥

Mostly thanks to this guy:


If it weren’t for him, we probably have gone into extra innings. Or worse! AL might have lost!


These guys:


Ultimately, both of their performances were extremely questionable. Understandably no one gives it their all at the All-Star Game but really? It seemed like Lincecum was a lot more disappointing though.

First this:


 (Mariners represeeeeeeent ♥ Felix too! Oh and skipper Wakamatsu!)

And then Lincecum HIT DEREK JETER! What the FRICK?!

Alas, this was what he got for doing that:



As much as I dislike the Yankees, Jeter has always been an exception since he’s absolutely legendary (plus him and Ichiro are always, always on my fantasy team). So Lincecum frickin’ ticked me off when he did that.

Hey Lincecum, maybe if you cut your hair you can see where you’re throwing?


I’m glad Crawford got the MVP, it was definitely deserved. Although, if I could give a runner-up MVP I would give it to Curtis Granderson. His triple really hyped up the whole game. Plus, me being in Detroit right now, it’s nice to know the home-team All-Stars made a difference…. just like Inge did in the Home Run Derby.


My NL MVP would be David Wright. He did get a hit and a run, but mostly because (this is where the girly girl in me comes out) he’s so damn nice to look at. Even his horribly read Disney movie G-Force commercial was adorable. He’s the only person in this world that can say “holla!” and not sound like an idiot ♥.



That was a fun All-Star game! Although as a Mariners fan, I’m gonna have to say the All-Star Game in SF was a lot better. :]

I cannot believe baseball season is already half over, how depressing :[

It’s ok though, it’s time to get ready for the 2nd half and crossing my fingers that the M’s do some damage in the AL WEST!




Photos courtesy of




    I was like you and totally forgot that despite the starting time being 8 it doesn’t actually start until like 9. I was pissed that Lincecum brought the suck and my guy Brian McCann didn’t even get in until the bottom of the 8th. So the NL loses again…maybe next year.

  2. matttan7

    Sheryl Crow was really good at the pregame. The G-Force ad, it might look like a good movie to watch. I think the Yankees players set the tone for this one (Derek Jeter scoring the first AL run, Mariano Rivera ending the game), although Carl Crawford (Rays, MVP) stole the show. This is the 4th All Star game in which the American League has won by 1 run.

    Matthew T.

  3. Jane Heller

    I shared many of your ruminations and wish the pre-game had started an hour earlier or been shortened or something! Ichiro certainly kicked things off in grand style with his hit (and almost homer before that). I won’t even touch the HR Derby. It just didn’t do it for me. My favorite moment of the game, not surprisingly, was Mo saving it in the 9th and his two young sons looking so awestruck. Adorable.

  4. mattpeas

    ruminations….diggin that word.
    i love the pregame for the all star game. i enjoyed seeing all those people walk out in their hometown team jerseys then the players walking over to shake hands and give hugs. it was touching.
    sheryl crow doesnt do anything for me either. Carrie Underwood sand the anthem in Pittsburgh in 2006. she is DAMN nice to look at.
    i was so dissapointed in Lincy. i thought for sure he’d come out and mow people down. but he looked horrible. Don Wakamatsu is a helluva manager the way he has turned your M’s around. plus thats a sweet name. im glad he was able to be there in the dugout during the game.

  5. indianslove

    I really am glad the AL won! 🙂 Wow, why are non-Yankees fans caring that Jeter got hit? Well, actually..I do care. I didnt like to see him get hit. Even if he’s a Yankee, he’s on the AL team so it was all goooodd. How many times will I get to see the Tribe’s Victor Martinez & A Yankees pitcher hugging? Only last night, haha.

  6. raysfanboy

    Hilarious. I forgot that the game took an hour to start too! I walking around the living room cursing at the tv to get the darn game started! (I used different words…).

    Oh, and thanks for making sure you chose the pic with Zobrist high-fiving Granderson. I’m sure you did that on purpose. 🙂

  7. devilabrit

    and there’s me thinking all that crap at the start was to get chicks interested so us guys could watch the game without any honey do’s… guess it irritates everyone, except those making money off it of course…
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  8. hawks12thman

    It’s funny that I actually never realized “that it takes 1 frickin’ hour for the game to actually start “, but after reading that first line, I completely see all the irony! *sigh* Poor poor NL…but then again, I am a M’s fan so…good for us!

  9. Andy

    Hey hey hey, stop bashing on Lincecum’s hair. I’ve decided to grow it out like him, the reason, I’m in College and I can’t grow a real big beard, so I’m growing the long hair. Besides your not a Yankees fan, your not the one to be angry about long hair.

    – Andy

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