Let the red carpet roll to St.Louis

….for a party of two.


Though not surprised about Ichiro’s repeat attendance to the All-Star game, I’m still excited and finally relaxed to know it’s confirmed. Despite his DL term in the beginning of this season, he’s caught up fairly quickly with fantastic stats…as usual. Remember last year’s game?

I do. He won that ridiculously unmatching pick-up.

Watching Ichiro since his professional baseball debut in Japan for the Orix Blue Waves and moving to Seattle the same year he did, I guarantee you he is not rolling around downtown Seattle in that Dodge pick-up. That would be a funny image though.

Also, King Felix! His first All-Star invitation. This year he definitely deserved that call. I’m sure other Seattleites are happy to see him join Ichiro in St.Louis.



On a non-Mariners issue, I am very pleased to see Ibanez taking top spot for the NL OF spot! Sad to see him gone but going to the Phillies really did him some good. Even though I’m all about the AL, I’ll secretly be cheering for Rauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul!

Oh and David Wright. Actually he’s just nice to look at; doesn’t matter to me if he does well or not.

I’m actually pretty unhapy with what went on with the AL 2nd baseman results. Sure, the Rangers are our arch nemisis but I was really hoping for Kinsler. Plus Pedroia just crawls under my skin. I think Kinsler is a fantastic ball player and deserves to get the call for the All-Star game. I’m definitely voting Kinsler for the last man standing! (But at work I just say I vote for Inge or else they’ll try to maul me).


And with all that said, I’m VERY excited for next Monday/Tuesday!






  1. illsellyoursoul@gmail.com

    Very disappointed that Branyan was not selected as a reserve… I’m sincerely hoping he gets to participate in the home run derby and win it for all of us.

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